The funniest thing I heard today, so far….

One of those political pundits tweeted that preparing for the republican debate on Thursday is like preparing for a NASCAR race when you know one driver will be drunk. (Paraphrased).  I laughed out loud when I heard it on Meet the Press…then giggled again when it appeared on Face the Nation.  I will not say that I support Donald Trump but a I will say I’m not as afraid of him as I am Scott walker!  Of course (he is tired of hearing me say) that I won’t get to hear anything else vital to feed my Sunday political appetite because the Kansas City station must only air the first half of Face the Nation because they have to feature the talking head “personalities”? Of the local talking heads and their fluff.  I think I’m going to have to attack them on social media to calm my anger.  SHOCK!

I will also paraphrase the best explanation I’ve received about mentally dealing with my dysfunctional childhood.  I received this bit of wisdom from a friend of 30 years.  She and I worked together for 2 years back in the 80s and lost touch for several years until we found each other on Facebook and have grown our mutual love and respect for each other.  She suggested last night that one of the reasons I continue to occasionally regurgitate my childhood maternal relationship is because I keep asking why.  I’m searching for the WHY for my upbringing.  Why would a mother treat a child the way my mother treated me.  WOW!  I’m feeling confident that I’ve talked and worked my way thru it even as far as forgiving her….but, the WHY is always there.  I’m never going to know why!  I’ve officially made it over another hill! …..and now.

I watch the baseball game on TV.  Go ROYALS,

Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “The funniest thing I heard today, so far….

  1. Married? Do people still do that? Can’t you stop them? Oh, the horror. They will be stuck with each other…forever. Haven’t they even thought about what a trap it is? And, will make you cry. I bet it does. See it makes people cry. What possible good can come from that?


    • This is her second. She was married about 10 months in 2011 was a mistake from the beginning so they parted friends. This one is an old high school friend…they were never together as bf gf then but we’re always drawn to each other. When she moved back to Des Moines they started seeing each other again and realized ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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  2. It’s sad when we get left with the assholes! I used to think I was supposed to learn from it. Now I think it just happens and there is no why. Some of us get out alive and better from it. It messes with some of us! And others just move on!


  3. because that’s the way she thought it was done…she learned it from her parents. dysfunction gets passed down…occasionally someone will figure out it’s not the way it’s done and turn from the path of dysfunction.

    In cases like my own, the gene pool ends, but it does not get passed on either.

    I remember you going thru the whole death wish thing with her…I am there right now. The Alzheimer’s exaggerates everything that was wrong with him to begin with. He has always been some kind of mental whatever and its always made him and asshole. I’m sorry, he just is. It does not mean I don’t love him (strangely). I’m pretty sure I do. But like me, he can be a real asshole. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    And thanks for writing something….do you feel better now?


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