Happy Wedding Day to my beautiful daughter 

Subtitle:  Welcome to the family, Adam

Subtitle:  Thanks Katy and Adam for throwing this family reunion

Minus two cousins, we are all going to be together today to celebrate Kate marrying her best friend.  They are one of those love stories which steeped from a high school friendship….went their separate ways to follow their passions and found each other again to marry 10 years later.  Adam has been son material for some time now but today we will make it official….we are blessed.

We partied with the brothers and their better halves in Des Moines last night.  Him, the him-in-law and the other him-in-law.  Sounds like a MY OTHER BROTHER Daryl scenario….and it was!

what it says for us 3 sister in laws…I’m not really sure.

Its going to be a LOVEly day!

Until next time…….

3 thoughts on “Happy Wedding Day to my beautiful daughter 

  1. Some people gain a son, it appears others loose one.
    As a mother you give love unconditionally. No one is perfect, but if what you give is pure and honest and putting your child first – that is all you have as a parent. I have not spoken to my son since 8-8-2015, I do not know why. Very, very strange. Been through a lot of things, but this is the most bizarre. I guess you gained a son and I lost 0ne. Merry Christmas Adam, wherever you are. MOM


  2. Thank you! Another blessing in my life!


  3. I had no idea your daughter was getting married! Congrats to the lovely couple! Have fun and enjoy the day!

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