…and then…just like dominos, the doors started to slam shut

Returning to Des Moines, my original home town, makes me feel nostalgic….those long-gone moments!  It just feels good when we drive through the west mix master and start our journey across the freeway of memories.  For Katy and Adam’s wedding, we made our weekend home at the downtown Marriott.  From our hotel window was this view of the Equitable building (on the left)


I remember my mom telling me, every time we shopped in downtown Des Moines, that the corner by the Equitable was the windiest corner in Des Moines.  I also saw the iconic Traveler’s Insurance sign several times and the Colonial Bread sign.


Late Friday night, He and I decided to go out and walk around downtown Des Moines.  We had been on Court Avenue earlier in the evening for dinner with the brothers and wives – the street full of restaurants and bars and street musicians has evolved over the years.  It was a lot of fun.

We took the skywalk from the hotel but found it to be empty and boring so grabbed the first elevator down and we ended up in the movie Lost in New York.  We exited on the ground floor of a building under construction and when the revolving doors to the outside were locked, the hair stood up on the back of my neck.


so we meandered around some hallways because we figured if you could get in by elevator – there had to be a way to get out – right?





Standing here, I was starting to do an internal panic and totally freaked myself out because I’ve seen way too many movies; I would totally not have been surprised if the steel doors started slamming shut.  I actually expected it.   I took one last picture as we got on the same elevator to go back up to where we had been.  Just in case we missed the wedding.  Someone could check my apple pictures account and know what happened.


Obviously it all turned out okay!  Learned a huge lesson.  NEVER stop exploring!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “…and then…just like dominos, the doors started to slam shut

  1. At least you had your phone! I became a little anxious just reading this.


  2. New Rule…never go out drinking and then try to navigate a maze. I have always thought there was something evil about downtown Des Moines. It’s worse in the winter than the summer, but it is creepy nevertheless. It’s not a moral evil; it’s spiritual. Can’t really explain it. I just don’t like it. It might be related to the fact that I walked thru it to a bus stop frequently when I went to Tech. Maybe it reminds me of my youth and my deceased friend Brian that I went to high school with.

    I remember spending the summer buffing out the windows on the Ruan Center in the late ’70s while they were building that hotel you stayed in. We would go down for lunch and the construction workers from the hotel would tell us we were nuts for doing what we were doing. Maybe we were.

    Hope the wedding went well and you made it home safely. Later


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