Ohio for Easter…

We are going to Kate’s house in Ohio for Easter…I told mom that we were going and she needed to go to Aunt Frances’ house while we are gone…she decided she would have Dana take her on the Wed before…like the 6th…she called me last night at work a little after 2300 and asked me to get her $200 cash Monday because she was going to need it when she went to Des Moines..she couldn’t quite remember when it was…I told her that we had over a week and I would get her money.  Today “he” was working on the boat in her basement garage and she yelled at him…asked him to take her to Aunt France’s house today because Dana is sick..but she had to get her meds etc…he agreed to do this…He is a saint.  So he took her to Des Moines and got her adjusted at Aunt France’s house..as adjusted as anyone can be in that situation.  Ahhhhh all is well.

2200 hours tonight (Monday which is the same day he took her) she calls to say she can’t find her meds…okay..she’s right – he missed getting them out of the car when he dropped her off…she asked if we were planning to go to Des Moines this week…I said, well, no we are working…but told her somehow we would get her meds up to her…she said…..well either that or come get me and take me home…I said..Why would you want us to do that…she said Aunt Frances was making her nervous and she didn’t want to be up there for 10 days.  I told her that it was no one’s fault but her own..she solely made the decision to go up early and we wouldn’t be bringing her back and then turn around and drive her back to Des Moines next week….I wanted to scream at her that out of the goodness of his heart, he took her to Des Moines today and spent an enormous amount of time chauffering her around when he wanted to be doing something productive and had his own agenda for the day.

You know, (rhetorical) I lived in a vaccum for so long wondering what was wrong with me…why did I have such issues with my mother..why couldn’t I just get along..this is not the way you should treat or feel about your mother…the times I made an effort to talk to her and see if we could work something out and she always said she didn’t know what she was doing wrong…ya, uh huh…not until my dad died, and therapy started and I did a lot of soul searching did I realize I just had a bad relationship with her and nothing was going to make it better.  She was the adult and I shouldn’t have had to take care of her…anyway…my girls would really like me to put all of this behind me and  not take her personally…it’s hard…I know this is what I should do…but the distrustfulness and pain and anger are very, very deep.  I’m better than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be better than I am today…and that folks, is what it is all about….Onward and upward….

Until next time…..

What’s with that generation?

Okay…I give up…how could it be Sunday night/Monday morning already…not that I”m complaining because it means I only have 3 more nights to work.  It could be the Facebook Pirates game which has become an addiction for me…good grief!!

I had an interesting email conversation with an old childhood friend…she was revealing some truths about life with her mother and it sounded very much like my relationship with my mother – afterwards, I began pondering what it is with my generation and their mothers…it seems I know very few 50 year old women who have fond memories of their childhood and their mothers in general…and I probably shouldn’t generalize but this just seems to be true with the women that I personally know and personally talk to.  Is it the generation…hard to believe because my mother is much older than most of the mother’s of my peers…also this friend of mine has a mother about the same age as mine.  I hope it is the hardships of their generation that caused them to be mean, acid tongued-bitter women..rather than just a typical mother/daughter thing.  Even though my daughters and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, we at least like each other…. Perhaps women who came of age in the 30’s have an axe to grind about the way they were brought up – although my mother was raised by her father and step-mother and a very conservative group of preachers and their wives..my mother is obviously narcissistic but I’m pretty sure if she didn’t have that personality flaw, she would still be iron fisted and no patience for change of any kind…I guess we will never know but I find it very sad that there are a bunch of over the hill post menopausal women still running around trying to please their mothers or as I do…just tolerate my mother until I can find peace in her death…

Those are my thoughts for this morning…some may find them offensive but they are my thoughts….

Until next time….

Benny seems to be doing fine today…

Jenny and Ryan and Luke came for supper tonight – Kate is in Pittsburgh doing an internship – we missed her.  “He” did a pork roast and potatoes – corn and I worked up the multi-colored layered jello salad.  It was very pretty…then we had champaign cake for dessert.

I have the night to myself – everyone is gone now…I may scrapbook?  I may take a nap first…I may do nothing….

The day at the vet

Poor little Benny…he had some pretty severe gingivitis going on…his teeth were cleaned today and Dr Curry had to remove 12 teeth…the little guy will be on pain meds for 3 days and antibiotics….

Marley got his shots and an exam today – he is no longer a 113 pound golden….now he is a 128 pound golden…he is quite endearing and I think it was all an act so that he wouldn’t be told that he needs to lose some weight…but he got the word today…

And then there is Minnie…..

IMG_1241 IMG_1239

Just look at the face of my beautiful little girl….NO…SHE IS A BOY….



has not been mounting her because he is looking for a girlfriend….he’s trying to show domination…

Sierra is just ignoring the whole sordid mess and chewing on her chicken flavored rawhide…


She is actually thinking – those cats are an embarrassement to the family the way they act ..

Until next time….

I’m a little worried about Little Benny…”he” took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago for his shots and the vet noticed some nasty looking gums and wanted to take a look at the teeth and clean them…he said it could be an infection or it could be kitty aids…I sprayed the cat carrier with catnip this morning and took him in…he was very vocal but the great thing was the reaction of Eddie – the vet’s resident cat…he was all over the cat carrier – they kept telling me they hadn’t seen Eddie act like that with an incoming cat before 🙂  I told them I had sprayed it and that might be his reaction…he was rolling all around it…my cats don’t get cat nip too terribly much but a couple of them are affected for awhile and then don’t seem to care anymore…but not poor Eddie…  I was about to mention how silly I thought that name was for a cat…but then…hmmmm Billy, Benny, Baxter and Minnie….

THEN…I went to Walmart to get another cat carrier because we have to take Minnie in for shots and Marley in for shots when we pick up Benny…damnit…I had no self control…I left with $120 worth of stuff…at least I didn’t forget the cat carrier…

I’m going to clean up the house…spray the new car carrier with catnip to see if Minnie will get used to is so I don’t have to litterally “stuff” her in it later this afternoon…may do a little scrapbooking..I’m kind of in the mood.

Until next time…

I think I might be an adrenalin junkie…I feel so energized today … we drove to  Michigan to pick up a hybrid camper that I bought on a whim from ebay…we stopped in Indiana at a truck stop, nestled in beside the semis and slept for about 3 hours in the camper then set sail for Iowa…which we arrived 23 hours after we left…it was fun…for you non travelers…I don’t know how to explain it…the wonder of me being a tiny little “mustard seed” in this huge world, I guess.  Anyway…the camper is wonderful…a lot better than we were expecting.  The seller was an awesome 30 something young man who I felt an instant connection with…he seemed like a sad soul and I’ve thought of him several times since we left there…I know you may think I’m a crackpot…but I’m pretty sure our inconsequential lives met for a reason…and not the obviously travel trailer reason.

Illinois roads are horrible on the Iowa side of Chicago…holy mother!!  I didn’t want MB to think I was just bitching because they did get a lot better the closer we got to the windy city.  The grass was turning green when we got to Indiana…in fact, there were a lot of places – middle of May green.  But, I’m happy to report in 24 hours with copious amounts of rain…we came home to the greening of the grass..we are knee deep in mud but I’m trying to be positive here.

Marley faired the trip pretty well…we stopped often to let him do his duty – which O MY…I’ll leave it at that.  I think he had a good time alone with mama and daddy…I really wondered what he thought…he doesn’t usually get to go anywhere by himself because the 3 dogs are a unit. 

I didn’t sleep all the way to Michigan…and by the time we stopped at the truck parking, I was pretty numb…slept 3 hours there and then he was ready to get on the road…

truckstop2 truckstop1  

I slept off and on until 5am…he got home and was ready to crash, I was sleepy but just couldn’t go back to sleep so soon…probably that cappacino I drank an hour from home at Amana exit.  Anyway.  I’ll post pictures when it stops raining and we get situated.

Until next time….


Change is not always bad…and sometimes..I really like change..I’m not a person who must maintain my sanity by doing the same thing the same way every time.  I don’t even like to drive to work the same way every night – I would shake it up more but now the road I take is hard surface rather than gravel so it has taken some easy choices away from me.  I also hate to plan everything…just like with this new travel trailer.  One minute I”m content, the next I found one I want and the next day, I almost own it…let’s go get it tomorrow… I think I’ve learned to make quick decisions in my job because I have to perform quickly or by rote most times…So…I like to fly by the seat of my pants, sometimes….I really wish I had a great seguey here but I don’t…so I’ll move on to change and my xanga and facebook pages…damn it…leave it alone!!!  Facebook changed without any input from me and Xanga keeps wanting me to try the new and improved page…I don’t want to…if I did, I would…I’m happy the way things are…STOP ASKING ME!!!!

Back to the camper….here’s the little pop-up/fold-down/tent-trailer (whatever you call it in your timber)..these are mostly for Artemis because she was asking…but by all means…let me know if you are interested…I’ll be going to Ohio – almost Pennsylvania during Easter weekend, I can drop it off then or I”ll be going south to southern Missouri in May…so I would have a little south covered…you western folks will just have to come and get it – that could be fun too…

Coleman 1 Coleman2

..and no…the question I have been asked the most today – the dog does not go with it….

We are headed to someplace in Michigan when I get off work at 7…it is a small town that starts with a T and is just south of Battle Creek.  I’ll wave at MB when I go by and you, Artemis and I”ll shout to Tracy and Erin as I turn north 🙂  Deb…I would scream clear over to Boston but that would probably wake up the dog…so I’ll have to get you some other time….

Oh yes…Marley – the red one in the picture is going with us on this journey.  I called to board them and thanks to Critter Kim ..found out Marley was overdue on his distemper/parvo shots by a few months…so he’s going with mama and daddy…he’d better not be expelling doggie pooders!!!!!

Until next time…..


I’ve been gone a week

I don’t know what I have been doing.  I”m seeing someone else…it’s name is Facebook.  I actually like Xanga just as well but Facebook is so “matter of fact” plus I have this addiction for Pirates on Facebook…it has taken me over…I’m actually feeling a little guilty about how much time I spend playing it and that is a sign that I need to back away from the computer.

What’s been happening…well, ya..not really anything…I have had a few opinions in the last week but I’ve kept them to myself..well, with a few exceptions.  The fun thing – I got a total very long wild hair last night at work – that being Friday to Saturday…I logged onto Ebay and started looking around for campers and because I am very complusive, I found one and bid on it….okay…so I don’t look quite so bad…I bid but didn’t reach the reserve price so figured I was okay until I got home to ask “him”.  Happily he totally agreed with my decision and happily we were able to get it for $300 over the reserve price.  It is a hybrid – has the kitchen/potty/shower/microwave instead of just the pop-up that we currently have… I think we are headed to Tekonsha, Michigan on Monday to pick it up. 

We are going to Cuyahoga Falls, OH to see Katy over Easter weekend.

Benny is having his teeth cleaned on Wednesday – he has a bit of a plaque problem and gum infection.

The weather has gotten appreciably warmer here in the heartland.

Mother has taken the next step to the nursing home.  Someone has stolen towels and her robe…and what’s more..she can’t find her gold purse.  I, of course, am not supposed to know any of this because she told him that I would think she was crazy…

That’s it…

Until next time….

Didn’t post until I got home because I played Facebook Pirates for 5 hours….I kept getting irritated because people at work kept sending me pirate requests…and I didn’t understand how to play…but then….and now I’m addicted.

It is supposed to warm up here this week…up in the 50’s…I wouldn’t complain about 49…

Going to take a pm pill and try to sleep early so I don’t waste the afternoon and evening.

Until next time…