I’m a little worried about Little Benny…”he” took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago for his shots and the vet noticed some nasty looking gums and wanted to take a look at the teeth and clean them…he said it could be an infection or it could be kitty aids…I sprayed the cat carrier with catnip this morning and took him in…he was very vocal but the great thing was the reaction of Eddie – the vet’s resident cat…he was all over the cat carrier – they kept telling me they hadn’t seen Eddie act like that with an incoming cat before 🙂  I told them I had sprayed it and that might be his reaction…he was rolling all around it…my cats don’t get cat nip too terribly much but a couple of them are affected for awhile and then don’t seem to care anymore…but not poor Eddie…  I was about to mention how silly I thought that name was for a cat…but then…hmmmm Billy, Benny, Baxter and Minnie….

THEN…I went to Walmart to get another cat carrier because we have to take Minnie in for shots and Marley in for shots when we pick up Benny…damnit…I had no self control…I left with $120 worth of stuff…at least I didn’t forget the cat carrier…

I’m going to clean up the house…spray the new car carrier with catnip to see if Minnie will get used to is so I don’t have to litterally “stuff” her in it later this afternoon…may do a little scrapbooking..I’m kind of in the mood.

Until next time…

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  1. Oh Poor Bennie! I hope he’s okay!!!!   I agree with skanickadee – we used to be like the taliban kidnapping our cats and stuffing them in – but the last time I put the carrier on it’s end and dropped ’em down in.  I never thought of catnip! Clever!


  2. I never once thought of doing that when I had cats.  Clever Nina.  I miss having my kitties around.


  3. When will you find out about Bennie?Maybe you know this already but I didn’t know it until one of the vet tech’s showed me.  When your cat won’t go into the carrier, you take the carrier and set it so that the opening is at the top, you then lower the cat feet first into it.  It seemed to work for my cat. 


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