I think I might be an adrenalin junkie…I feel so energized today … we drove to  Michigan to pick up a hybrid camper that I bought on a whim from ebay…we stopped in Indiana at a truck stop, nestled in beside the semis and slept for about 3 hours in the camper then set sail for Iowa…which we arrived 23 hours after we left…it was fun…for you non travelers…I don’t know how to explain it…the wonder of me being a tiny little “mustard seed” in this huge world, I guess.  Anyway…the camper is wonderful…a lot better than we were expecting.  The seller was an awesome 30 something young man who I felt an instant connection with…he seemed like a sad soul and I’ve thought of him several times since we left there…I know you may think I’m a crackpot…but I’m pretty sure our inconsequential lives met for a reason…and not the obviously travel trailer reason.

Illinois roads are horrible on the Iowa side of Chicago…holy mother!!  I didn’t want MB to think I was just bitching because they did get a lot better the closer we got to the windy city.  The grass was turning green when we got to Indiana…in fact, there were a lot of places – middle of May green.  But, I’m happy to report in 24 hours with copious amounts of rain…we came home to the greening of the grass..we are knee deep in mud but I’m trying to be positive here.

Marley faired the trip pretty well…we stopped often to let him do his duty – which O MY…I’ll leave it at that.  I think he had a good time alone with mama and daddy…I really wondered what he thought…he doesn’t usually get to go anywhere by himself because the 3 dogs are a unit. 

I didn’t sleep all the way to Michigan…and by the time we stopped at the truck parking, I was pretty numb…slept 3 hours there and then he was ready to get on the road…

truckstop2 truckstop1  

I slept off and on until 5am…he got home and was ready to crash, I was sleepy but just couldn’t go back to sleep so soon…probably that cappacino I drank an hour from home at Amana exit.  Anyway.  I’ll post pictures when it stops raining and we get situated.

Until next time….

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  1. You guys will have fun in your new “toy”!I love how you think…..that you were ment to meet the young man who you bought your camper from…and how you felt a connection. I believe those things too!


  2. I still would like to know what price you’re thinking of asking for the popup. We would really love to buy it if we could.


  3. From what I can see from that little photo that is a cool looking camper.  We love to travel too.  There is such a freedon just getting out on the road for a road trip.  Right now it is day trips around the state with our cameras and a sense of adventure.  Senior citizens here but we love to get up and go.


  4. I stood on the Ohio/Michigan border for hours and hours.  Now I know why I didn’t see you. 🙂


  5. That’s fantastic!  I can picture W and I doing things like that too – eventually.We’ll talk tent campers in a bit………


  6. That was quite a drive!  I’m glad you were able to get that camper.A lot of Illinois roads are like that.  It is a disgrace.Glad you had a good time.


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