Change is not always bad…and sometimes..I really like change..I’m not a person who must maintain my sanity by doing the same thing the same way every time.  I don’t even like to drive to work the same way every night – I would shake it up more but now the road I take is hard surface rather than gravel so it has taken some easy choices away from me.  I also hate to plan everything…just like with this new travel trailer.  One minute I”m content, the next I found one I want and the next day, I almost own it…let’s go get it tomorrow… I think I’ve learned to make quick decisions in my job because I have to perform quickly or by rote most times…So…I like to fly by the seat of my pants, sometimes….I really wish I had a great seguey here but I don’t…so I’ll move on to change and my xanga and facebook pages…damn it…leave it alone!!!  Facebook changed without any input from me and Xanga keeps wanting me to try the new and improved page…I don’t want to…if I did, I would…I’m happy the way things are…STOP ASKING ME!!!!

Back to the camper….here’s the little pop-up/fold-down/tent-trailer (whatever you call it in your timber)..these are mostly for Artemis because she was asking…but by all means…let me know if you are interested…I’ll be going to Ohio – almost Pennsylvania during Easter weekend, I can drop it off then or I”ll be going south to southern Missouri in May…so I would have a little south covered…you western folks will just have to come and get it – that could be fun too…

Coleman 1 Coleman2

..and no…the question I have been asked the most today – the dog does not go with it….

We are headed to someplace in Michigan when I get off work at 7…it is a small town that starts with a T and is just south of Battle Creek.  I’ll wave at MB when I go by and you, Artemis and I”ll shout to Tracy and Erin as I turn north 🙂  Deb…I would scream clear over to Boston but that would probably wake up the dog…so I’ll have to get you some other time….

Oh yes…Marley – the red one in the picture is going with us on this journey.  I called to board them and thanks to Critter Kim ..found out Marley was overdue on his distemper/parvo shots by a few months…so he’s going with mama and daddy…he’d better not be expelling doggie pooders!!!!!

Until next time…..


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. That is cute! Dog and camper.


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