I’ve been gone a week

I don’t know what I have been doing.  I”m seeing someone else…it’s name is Facebook.  I actually like Xanga just as well but Facebook is so “matter of fact” plus I have this addiction for Pirates on Facebook…it has taken me over…I’m actually feeling a little guilty about how much time I spend playing it and that is a sign that I need to back away from the computer.

What’s been happening…well, ya..not really anything…I have had a few opinions in the last week but I’ve kept them to myself..well, with a few exceptions.  The fun thing – I got a total very long wild hair last night at work – that being Friday to Saturday…I logged onto Ebay and started looking around for campers and because I am very complusive, I found one and bid on it….okay…so I don’t look quite so bad…I bid but didn’t reach the reserve price so figured I was okay until I got home to ask “him”.  Happily he totally agreed with my decision and happily we were able to get it for $300 over the reserve price.  It is a hybrid – has the kitchen/potty/shower/microwave instead of just the pop-up that we currently have… I think we are headed to Tekonsha, Michigan on Monday to pick it up. 

We are going to Cuyahoga Falls, OH to see Katy over Easter weekend.

Benny is having his teeth cleaned on Wednesday – he has a bit of a plaque problem and gum infection.

The weather has gotten appreciably warmer here in the heartland.

Mother has taken the next step to the nursing home.  Someone has stolen towels and her robe…and what’s more..she can’t find her gold purse.  I, of course, am not supposed to know any of this because she told him that I would think she was crazy…

That’s it…

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “I’ve been gone a week

  1. A hybrid camper.  Sounds wonderful!


  2. How fun that you will be seeing Katy over Easter.I’ve heard that bears like those pop-ups — crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside!  I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  3. Fun!  I would love a camper – but right now we camp on the boat – so that’s good for us for now.    In direct contrast – I have no opinion about anything in particular this week.  I’m rather opinionless.  I can’t figure out pirates!!!!!


  4. I don’t live far from Tekonsha. Wave as you go by! What are you going to do with your popup? We love to  camp but just have a tent and have been talking about trading up. Sounds like you’re going to have fun this summer.


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