The day at the vet

Poor little Benny…he had some pretty severe gingivitis going on…his teeth were cleaned today and Dr Curry had to remove 12 teeth…the little guy will be on pain meds for 3 days and antibiotics….

Marley got his shots and an exam today – he is no longer a 113 pound golden….now he is a 128 pound golden…he is quite endearing and I think it was all an act so that he wouldn’t be told that he needs to lose some weight…but he got the word today…

And then there is Minnie…..

IMG_1241 IMG_1239

Just look at the face of my beautiful little girl….NO…SHE IS A BOY….



has not been mounting her because he is looking for a girlfriend….he’s trying to show domination…

Sierra is just ignoring the whole sordid mess and chewing on her chicken flavored rawhide…


She is actually thinking – those cats are an embarrassement to the family the way they act ..

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “The day at the vet

  1. Hahahaha! What a great post! I do love your sense of humor!  A boy! Go figure!  Those goldens – they can become fatties so easy!  My Katy always had weight issues.  POOR BENNIE!  OH MY!  How is he now?  How is he eating?  Poor fing!


  2. @tracy – actually…I think we now have to say Minnie is very handsome


  3. Aww poor Benny.  I hope he feels better soon.  Oh my it is diet time for Marley.  Minnie is has adorable face.  What a beautiful cat.  Now behave yourself Baxter but I can’t blame you because Minnie really does have a pretty face.  I think Sierra has the right idea.Hey have a great week.


  4. You can change Minnie’s name to Mickey! Poor kitty and his teeth…Whitney is having gum issues……. 😦


  5. Poor Benny.  Minnie is beautiful!


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