Benny seems to be doing fine today…

Jenny and Ryan and Luke came for supper tonight – Kate is in Pittsburgh doing an internship – we missed her.  “He” did a pork roast and potatoes – corn and I worked up the multi-colored layered jello salad.  It was very pretty…then we had champaign cake for dessert.

I have the night to myself – everyone is gone now…I may scrapbook?  I may take a nap first…I may do nothing….

5 thoughts on “

  1. So happy Benny is doing better today.  Now that sounds like a yummy dinner.  have a good week end.


  2. mmm, I love jello stuffs.  Filled with fruits and nuts and marshymallows.  I’m also almost positive I would like something called champagne cake!  Nummy.


  3. Nap….then scrapbook to your hearts content!!!!!


  4. Sounds like a lovely evening.  Although, I am the jello lady in my family, I have never done one of those multilayer jellos.  It sounds tasty.


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