Thoughts I thunk

We are equal as humans but not all beings are equal in ability.  That phrase came from @an_om_aly ‘s blog today.  It banged around in my head for quite awhile.  It was one of those phrases that I stop in my tracks and and would even go so far as to think it is profound!  I’m sure I’ll or it will irritate someone.

One of my shower thoughts this morning….sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between love and control.

No matter what my spiritual comments is, it seems that athiests and agnostics tend to not attack with as much venom as those who only ask WWJD.  I find that interesting.  I finally blocked one nut job who could take one of my comments and turn it into an all out rhetorical slashing.  I’m so thankful she lives far, far away because I”m sure she would take up her constitution arms and slaughter me like a lamb on the altar.  Her hate novels were not just directed at me…I’m sure there are others who tire of her “facts” being screamed at them and choose to ignore her…responding to her is just a waste of energy.  She needs to read the Good Book for some direction.

It quit snowing – yay – These snow storms cause a lot of hardships for a lot of people..I especially hate it when bad things happen to old people.

Until next time….

Some days I just can’t stop myself from bitching.  I use the term bitching because my degree of angst hit way, way above just general complaining.  I knew that I needed to go home and expel the deamons when my relief showed up and I mentioned that my partner was going to be glad to see me going home and he didn’t say a word…nada.  Fear to open his trap…perhaps.  Back in the 80’s I pinned a lot of merit to the whole biorhythm mentality.  I truly believed that some days my physical biorhythm was low or perhaps it was my intellectual that was low or high.  Now, I just don’t know why there are some manic days mixed in with the regular days.

I heard somebody say the other day that someone else just lives in their own reality.  I thought that was kind of an oxymoron..while it is theoretically true that we all live in our own reality…it is actually the perceptions of our own reality which we use to live in this world.  I remember the days when I was not tolerant of decision of others.  Unknowingly because of my life circumstances, I was unwilling to look “outside the box” and realize that my perceptions and filters needed a new perspective and perhaps I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t able to roll with life’s joys and sorrows from day to day.  I was set in my ways – there was right and there was wrong.  I know that I am a lot happier when I’m able to ask the question…. is it me or is it my perception of events that makes my vision not clear and the impact of my actions not what I think I deserve.

Meanwhile…we have a lot of snow…one daughter is finishing up her tour of duty in Ohio and one daughter is no longer skinny…snicker…I got to see Jenny over skype last night…it is so fun to know she is carrying the little human that is going to change my life, yet again!

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So if they predict it and the media blows it completely out of proportion, we don’t get it.  But when they peacefully get it wrong and don’t predict it, well hang-on!  I will take the “deal with it when it happens”.  I hate when day to day life ceases to exist because everyone is frantically collecting nuts.

I seriously thought my head was going to spin off the axes for the last couple of days.  I know I have almost made a career out of hating the news media…and what I would say to someone like me is – shut up about it already…if it irritates you this much then turn it off.  Wow…that is good advice.  But those idiots come to us from every direction, literally, and because I liked KCCI one time, it now comes to me on Facebook.  My most recent angst has come from the comedic weather people(now known as personalities).  They get their 7 minutes on camera and stir everyone all up on the big storm a comin’.  What this means is, this may be your last day on earth, call your mom and kiss your children goodbye.  EXPLETIVE…the way they earned their advertising dollars this time was to lament about the storm coming…a week ago it was possibly a foot of snow..then it was downsized to 6 to 9 with heavy wind. 


Now if you live in Key West, Florida…you would be putting your affairs in order…but this is IOWA people!  We get snow…it messes up our lives, sometimes it keeps the smart people off the roads..but it’s going to melt and we are going to wake up to a new day.  STOP this insanity…and we wonder why everyone is on prozac!

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oops…edit…not 2 inches – maybe 4…but this measurement is coming from a man!

I left home 15 minutes later than usual this morning…obviously I interupted the flow of the wildlife.  I won’t do that again.  Herds of deer were on a dead run, white tales erect as they crossed the road on their way to work, perhaps.  A fox crossing in front of me at breakneck speed obviously been out all night and wanted to get home before mom and dad woke up…or perhaps … the wife.  They are fast and I must say all spread out in flight, I don’t find their body shape very appealing…not like the cute little raccoon round body.  Shorter legs – long body, the sly way he turned his head, and said, “watch it” past those sharp white teeth….just gave me a terrible shiver.

Just waiting for the storm…Jenny and Justin posted a picture of what  a foot of snow looks like on their deck in Kansas City.  The news and weather folks have everyone in a near pee-your-pants-panic.  I’m just irritated…It’s Iowa…and for most everyone..this isn’t their first snow…grrrrr

We are off together this weekend.  Couldn’t come at a better time.

Until next time…

The TV meteorologists are taunting us with a snow storm on Thursday…they keep talking about lots of snow…lots of snow…lots of snow.  We are being held captive in our minds…the way we always are…I will say their dire warnings have been pretty right on this year so I’m going to pay attention to it…Thursday is my last day to work this week so you know we will get our arses handed to us….and that is putting it kindly!

The mother-in-law must be doing pretty well in the nursing home.  She has some significant dementia so one never knows what is going on in there…Dave and Phil went to see her Friday and said she seemed happy.  Now that she is safe and sound, she’s getting from me exactly what she gave the last 34 years…I don’t see the kids or grandkids making a beeline to her door either.  Perhaps not nice to say but this is my blog, my feelings and as I’ve learned, you can’t change your feelings anymore than you can change the weather.

….and to you my dear friend – you know who I’m talking to..that goes for you too…whatever it is you are feeling, it is what you are don’t need to make excuses or explain it to anyone..these are your feelings and you can’t change them anymore than you can change the weather.  Figure out what YOU want for a change and work toward it!

We are taking a little break next month – flying to Vegas.  Vegas only because I got the flight, 2 nights in a motel and car rental for the week for 200 dollars less than flying in to Flagstaff which was our intended destination to take a gander at the grand canyon.  We are rethinking that now and may drive over to see the Sequoias in CALYfornia…I love these trips with him.  We have a destination and what we do once we get there is anyone’s guess 🙂
Until next time….

Please keep the cat pictures!

Another one of those a’ha moments yesterday…did we decide that someone before Oprah called them a’ha moments?  Anyway, falling into the wow things have changed category.  I was messaging with the girls yesterday about what to do with some wedding photos that are no longer, shall we say, relevant.  Photos to me are hard copy pictures of the events that have occurred in my life that I used to love to pull out and  reminisce about …. usually with a magnifying glass because often the pictures were so bad…that was my young adulthood.  Now I don’t even print pictures out – they are on my computer or in cyberspace and of such good quality that I would not be surprised if the subject matter walked off the page 3D.  The girls said that they have kept what they wanted and I could do with them whatever I want to do with them.  One of them said she doesn’t like to have the hard copies because she doesn’t know what to do with the clutter…she can look at them on line whenever she wants to.  But, can you just discard pictures…OH MY..while the marriage may not be intact anymore, it WAS a part of our history…50 years down the road, No one is going to want all of the pictures of the event…other than perhaps some shots of the grandparents, etc.

I do embrace, without qualms, the digital way of doing things…and I just came to the realization that I probably do not need to keep every snapshot of every rocket and it’s parts that I took in 1993 at NASA in Houston.  It’s the pictures of people and a few pictures of vacation to remind me when I’m 80 about the year and the trips and what we all looked like then and what purse I was carrying…

So…I’m going to attempt to weed out some snapshots, scan the ones I want to keep and leave the rest in photo albums knowing that I have what I want and when it is time, I or someone can discard them.  I find it hard to believe that the grandchildren are not going to want to keep all of the pictures of g’ma and g’pa’s cats…but maybe that’s true.

Until next time….

I was in the bank yesterday and heard some older guy discussing with the teller (Oh man..I hope that isn’t 90’s political correctness) about the condition of the roads and the fact that he thinks he would rather be sliding around on snow and ice than mud.  I totally agree.  It is this time of year that I cross my fingers for days just above 32 so the roads will at least be passable.  Passable meaning..passable….some places you meet another veh, you should actually stop so as not to be pulled into the ditch by the thick muck…although the other day, I did smile when going thru one of those muck places on the road and I caught in my side mirror the amount of mud flinging from my back tires.  During those times I have large-pick-up-4-wheel-drive envy as I would love to be covering some jerk tailgating me down the gravel.  For those of you who love mud, please forgive my bias!

Bill Clinton went up another level for me today when I learned of his friendship with Richard Nixon.  Those were the days when, for the most part, the right and left could find some mutual ground.  Before the right aligned itself with the religious zealots who totally forgot what Jesus would have done.

This is the first morning that I’ve given myself permission to laze around in bed for 30 minutes and watch morning TV….just the little bit I saw, I totally think CBS has pulled it out…Good Morning America seemed totally chaotic with all of their beautiful people wanting their time on camera…seems with all of their graphics and foo foo computer stuff, they have lost track of the news.  NBC looked like the show went thru a huge weight loss and were looking a little battle scarred and hungry.  CBS was bright, newsy, and left the acting on camera to the Young and the Restless. 

Happy Valentines Day my sweets.

Until  next time….

Sometimes “euphemism” crap just happens

I think one of the things our reliance on the christian religion has done is given us a “reason” for everything…well, it’s God’s will.  In my spiritual journey, I’ve decided that is why some people rely on their religion for day to day disappointments….and I recoil when I hear those words.  I remember the days of thinking…well this happene to teach a lesson.  But when I rationalized this all out, this reminded me of the moronic rantings of the religious right and their sick explanations of God causing disasters in various parts of the world because of the sinners…like gays.  I’m also torn by karma explaining away the good and the bad.  While I really believe we are what we think as well as what we eat, I am still questioning the possibility of the existence of Karma.  I would like to think it is real so I could have it to rely on as an explanation for good and bad happening to people.  But this just does not add up either.

Stuff happens just because it happens.  Yes…we have control over some actions just by the choices we make…that is the one thing that I think everyone can agree on….we have choices and the result of those choices can have far-reaching results and effect…and there doesn’t seem to be an expiration date for our choices…a choice made many years ago..enhanced with another choice, enhanced with another choice….things just happen! 

The one thing that draws mankind all together is our choices.  All of them will have an impact on someone…somewhere down the path of life, someone is going to be impacted by a choice someone else has made!

That’s where I am today…..until next time….


Is disappointment just the failure of our expectations….and if we cease to have expectations…would we cease to have disappointment.

If we expect someone (friend, family, preacher, teacher) to act in a certain manner…and they respond differently than expected…especially if this expectation doesn’t meet your needs, is this your issue or their issue?

I don’t think we can be void of any expectation…but if my expectation is not met…who is to blame.  Should I not expect the person stopped at the stop light to remain stopped until their light turns green or until I’m clear of the intersection? 

We proceed on a daily basis putting one foot in front of the other with expectation.  How do we determine what we should expect and what we shouldn’t expect.

That’s where I am today….Until next time….