So if they predict it and the media blows it completely out of proportion, we don’t get it.  But when they peacefully get it wrong and don’t predict it, well hang-on!  I will take the “deal with it when it happens”.  I hate when day to day life ceases to exist because everyone is frantically collecting nuts.

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  1. Agreed. When Hurricane Katrina was barreling towards the U.S., we were told, in Austin, TX, to be ready for a huge storm. I put my patio furniture in the garage, and bought some water and batteries. We got nothing–not even much rain. Well, we did get refugees!


  2. The whole weather predicting thing is out of hand. They were talking about this one for a few days but they backed way off the sky is falling reporting because they blew it with the last one. Most of us have lived in the midwest to know how to deal with snow.All I really want to know about it is how is it going to affect rush hour so we know if Craig should take the train.


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