I seriously thought my head was going to spin off the axes for the last couple of days.  I know I have almost made a career out of hating the news media…and what I would say to someone like me is – shut up about it already…if it irritates you this much then turn it off.  Wow…that is good advice.  But those idiots come to us from every direction, literally, and because I liked KCCI one time, it now comes to me on Facebook.  My most recent angst has come from the comedic weather people(now known as personalities).  They get their 7 minutes on camera and stir everyone all up on the big storm a comin’.  What this means is, this may be your last day on earth, call your mom and kiss your children goodbye.  EXPLETIVE…the way they earned their advertising dollars this time was to lament about the storm coming…a week ago it was possibly a foot of snow..then it was downsized to 6 to 9 with heavy wind. 


Now if you live in Key West, Florida…you would be putting your affairs in order…but this is IOWA people!  We get snow…it messes up our lives, sometimes it keeps the smart people off the roads..but it’s going to melt and we are going to wake up to a new day.  STOP this insanity…and we wonder why everyone is on prozac!

Until next time…

oops…edit…not 2 inches – maybe 4…but this measurement is coming from a man!

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  1. And the funny line is true, too!!! šŸ˜‰


  2. This was such a funny line – “Now if you live in Key West, Florida…you would be putting your affairs in order” Hahahahaha!


  3. I canceled plans today because of the supposed 6 inches we were going to get. Craig did say it was really icy this morning. I get sick of this insanity. It is winter for goodness sake. It is supposed to snow.


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