I left home 15 minutes later than usual this morning…obviously I interupted the flow of the wildlife.  I won’t do that again.  Herds of deer were on a dead run, white tales erect as they crossed the road on their way to work, perhaps.  A fox crossing in front of me at breakneck speed obviously been out all night and wanted to get home before mom and dad woke up…or perhaps … the wife.  They are fast and I must say all spread out in flight, I don’t find their body shape very appealing…not like the cute little raccoon round body.  Shorter legs – long body, the sly way he turned his head, and said, “watch it” past those sharp white teeth….just gave me a terrible shiver.

Just waiting for the storm…Jenny and Justin posted a picture of what  a foot of snow looks like on their deck in Kansas City.  The news and weather folks have everyone in a near pee-your-pants-panic.  I’m just irritated…It’s Iowa…and for most everyone..this isn’t their first snow…grrrrr

We are off together this weekend.  Couldn’t come at a better time.

Until next time…

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  1. You are on the Xanga front page again. 


  2. Yeah, we are getting a lot of panic about ice – but I think ice is pretty scary. I plan on staying home tomorrow!


  3. One of those “beautiful creatures” hit me while driving several years ago… I did manage to stay in my line and no one else was hurt…I was shocked when no one stopped to check on my after navigating safely to the highway shoulder… $3000.00 worth of damage…When our dog died, they began to invade our yeard and eat everything in sight…They no longer have the same spell over me now! Without the deer I wonder how landscaping and body shops would stay in business here. ^..^


  4. I think you should go to Colorado and test drive one of their new laws…I might have to move after I retire and I’d like a review


  5. I woke up 20 minutes early but managed to leave 10 minutes late. I would like to see a fox. I see squirrels and on the really lucky days a bunny.


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