The TV meteorologists are taunting us with a snow storm on Thursday…they keep talking about lots of snow…lots of snow…lots of snow.  We are being held captive in our minds…the way we always are…I will say their dire warnings have been pretty right on this year so I’m going to pay attention to it…Thursday is my last day to work this week so you know we will get our arses handed to us….and that is putting it kindly!

The mother-in-law must be doing pretty well in the nursing home.  She has some significant dementia so one never knows what is going on in there…Dave and Phil went to see her Friday and said she seemed happy.  Now that she is safe and sound, she’s getting from me exactly what she gave the last 34 years…I don’t see the kids or grandkids making a beeline to her door either.  Perhaps not nice to say but this is my blog, my feelings and as I’ve learned, you can’t change your feelings anymore than you can change the weather.

….and to you my dear friend – you know who I’m talking to..that goes for you too…whatever it is you are feeling, it is what you are don’t need to make excuses or explain it to anyone..these are your feelings and you can’t change them anymore than you can change the weather.  Figure out what YOU want for a change and work toward it!

We are taking a little break next month – flying to Vegas.  Vegas only because I got the flight, 2 nights in a motel and car rental for the week for 200 dollars less than flying in to Flagstaff which was our intended destination to take a gander at the grand canyon.  We are rethinking that now and may drive over to see the Sequoias in CALYfornia…I love these trips with him.  We have a destination and what we do once we get there is anyone’s guess 🙂
Until next time….

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  1. that’s why we go to vegas so often. You can do it so darn cheap!


  2. What I am feeling is the need to apply logic to this situation. There was a karma discussion the other day. Bad karma begats bad you agree? Is it bad karma not to do the right thing an visit the mother in law, even if you don’t like her? I don’t know. I feel like it probably is, and while I know I can’t change that, does it make it right. I mean, just because I have a feeling about this does not mean it’s either right, moral of proper. Feelings are chemical reactions in our brain. They can be altered by breakfast, medication, exercise or a religious experience. Is something that easily manipulated a good gauge of how we should behave? I have a feeling it is not, but I also think that it is not. Please forgive me. I feel badly about that. 


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