Please keep the cat pictures!

Another one of those a’ha moments yesterday…did we decide that someone before Oprah called them a’ha moments?  Anyway, falling into the wow things have changed category.  I was messaging with the girls yesterday about what to do with some wedding photos that are no longer, shall we say, relevant.  Photos to me are hard copy pictures of the events that have occurred in my life that I used to love to pull out and  reminisce about …. usually with a magnifying glass because often the pictures were so bad…that was my young adulthood.  Now I don’t even print pictures out – they are on my computer or in cyberspace and of such good quality that I would not be surprised if the subject matter walked off the page 3D.  The girls said that they have kept what they wanted and I could do with them whatever I want to do with them.  One of them said she doesn’t like to have the hard copies because she doesn’t know what to do with the clutter…she can look at them on line whenever she wants to.  But, can you just discard pictures…OH MY..while the marriage may not be intact anymore, it WAS a part of our history…50 years down the road, No one is going to want all of the pictures of the event…other than perhaps some shots of the grandparents, etc.

I do embrace, without qualms, the digital way of doing things…and I just came to the realization that I probably do not need to keep every snapshot of every rocket and it’s parts that I took in 1993 at NASA in Houston.  It’s the pictures of people and a few pictures of vacation to remind me when I’m 80 about the year and the trips and what we all looked like then and what purse I was carrying…

So…I’m going to attempt to weed out some snapshots, scan the ones I want to keep and leave the rest in photo albums knowing that I have what I want and when it is time, I or someone can discard them.  I find it hard to believe that the grandchildren are not going to want to keep all of the pictures of g’ma and g’pa’s cats…but maybe that’s true.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Please keep the cat pictures!

  1. Oh! This is something I am constantly working on! I try to delete the ones like rocket parts lol..but then there might be a grandkid in the background making a cute face…it’s sooo hard! I did manage to take a whole lot of pics off my computer and get them on a memory stick, for safe keeping. the problem I found with that is I’ll go looking for a specific pic and then remember it’s on that stick but I don’t want to go thru 1000 pics to find it. so I have never ever looked again at any of those pics. On the other hand, when they’re in photo albums I don’t mind flipping thru to find a pic. And now my hard copies have way outnumbered my albums so I reallllly need to get to work on that too. It’s kind of stressful. lolso good luck to you, i hope you’re better at it than me!


  2. I have old family photographs and some day will go through them… am worried about (as mentiioned in comment above) that the format will change and what will become of newer (recent years of digital) photograph format… ^..^


  3. I have recently realized that unless a photo has a person in it, no one will care about it. And in a generation a lot of people won’t care about the photos with people in them. Craig says because technology changes so quickly everyone will lose their digital photos unless they stay on top of transferring them.


  4. @hippo63 – I understand that…I really hate the card companies and what we have become because of them!!  Perhaps another blog 🙂


  5. I am so like that, I am one of the least sentimental people you will ever meet. I get a pretty card I read it, I look at it I throw it in the garbage. I don’t save things. I have a large amount of photos though, I’ve given them to my kids, since most are kid pictures, and I gave them both an album to fill. When they are done I will go through them and toss what just doesn’t pull at any heart strings. Now you know don’t waste time on a card for me. 🙂


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