I was in the bank yesterday and heard some older guy discussing with the teller (Oh man..I hope that isn’t 90’s political correctness) about the condition of the roads and the fact that he thinks he would rather be sliding around on snow and ice than mud.  I totally agree.  It is this time of year that I cross my fingers for days just above 32 so the roads will at least be passable.  Passable meaning..passable….some places you meet another veh, you should actually stop so as not to be pulled into the ditch by the thick muck…although the other day, I did smile when going thru one of those muck places on the road and I caught in my side mirror the amount of mud flinging from my back tires.  During those times I have large-pick-up-4-wheel-drive envy as I would love to be covering some jerk tailgating me down the gravel.  For those of you who love mud, please forgive my bias!

Bill Clinton went up another level for me today when I learned of his friendship with Richard Nixon.  Those were the days when, for the most part, the right and left could find some mutual ground.  Before the right aligned itself with the religious zealots who totally forgot what Jesus would have done.

This is the first morning that I’ve given myself permission to laze around in bed for 30 minutes and watch morning TV….just the little bit I saw, I totally think CBS has pulled it out…Good Morning America seemed totally chaotic with all of their beautiful people wanting their time on camera…seems with all of their graphics and foo foo computer stuff, they have lost track of the news.  NBC looked like the show went thru a huge weight loss and were looking a little battle scarred and hungry.  CBS was bright, newsy, and left the acting on camera to the Young and the Restless. 

Happy Valentines Day my sweets.

Until  next time….

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  1. If I watch non local morning shows I like the CBS show.


  2. Sorry but TV news and mainstream media in general is awful. Have you noticed that they no longer investigate? They merely report. They will parrot government spokespersons. They accept what they are told on face value. If they cannot  get a soundbite out of the deal, they walk away. If something is in opposition to the reporter / interviewer’s ideas, political philosophy or religious ideology, then the story will get ridiculed or dumped or the people or event they are reporting on will get painted as extremist or crazy. I think this is because what passes for television media in our age is owned by 5 major corporations. Those corporations don’t really try to compete with each other. They just try to maintain market share.Get your news from non mainstream media sources on the internet. You will get a better rounded picture of what is going on in the world.As for Nixon, he is the cause of all our financial difficulties today. It was during his reign that the federal government exploded in size. He created whole new departments. He divided the country into 10 administrative districts, completely ignoring the sovrienty of the states. He closed the gold window and cut loose the value of the of the dollar from the value of gold. This last bit has been disasterous for our pocket books. We no longer know the value of our hard earned money. He also opened up the west to China and lowered the trade barriers. As it got easier to trade with China and manufacture in China, US heavy industry moved there. It destroyed our manufacturing capability, put millions out of work and lowed everyone’s standard of living. This economic desruction was at it’s peak during the Clinton years and your buddy Bill did well after his service by his benefactors in China. I have no love for either one of them. They both served the one’s at the top as did the Bush’s and Reagan and now Obama. What Nixon started continues today. I think we should dig him up and slap him.       


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