Some days I just can’t stop myself from bitching.  I use the term bitching because my degree of angst hit way, way above just general complaining.  I knew that I needed to go home and expel the deamons when my relief showed up and I mentioned that my partner was going to be glad to see me going home and he didn’t say a word…nada.  Fear to open his trap…perhaps.  Back in the 80’s I pinned a lot of merit to the whole biorhythm mentality.  I truly believed that some days my physical biorhythm was low or perhaps it was my intellectual that was low or high.  Now, I just don’t know why there are some manic days mixed in with the regular days.

I heard somebody say the other day that someone else just lives in their own reality.  I thought that was kind of an oxymoron..while it is theoretically true that we all live in our own reality…it is actually the perceptions of our own reality which we use to live in this world.  I remember the days when I was not tolerant of decision of others.  Unknowingly because of my life circumstances, I was unwilling to look “outside the box” and realize that my perceptions and filters needed a new perspective and perhaps I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t able to roll with life’s joys and sorrows from day to day.  I was set in my ways – there was right and there was wrong.  I know that I am a lot happier when I’m able to ask the question…. is it me or is it my perception of events that makes my vision not clear and the impact of my actions not what I think I deserve.

Meanwhile…we have a lot of snow…one daughter is finishing up her tour of duty in Ohio and one daughter is no longer skinny…snicker…I got to see Jenny over skype last night…it is so fun to know she is carrying the little human that is going to change my life, yet again!

Until next time….

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  1. Read thru your main page, and liked your stream of consciousness, think i’ll sit in and listen for awhile.


  2. That last sentence gave me an unexpected lump in my throat! I’m very excited for you. 🙂 


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