Thoughts I thunk

We are equal as humans but not all beings are equal in ability.  That phrase came from @an_om_aly ‘s blog today.  It banged around in my head for quite awhile.  It was one of those phrases that I stop in my tracks and and would even go so far as to think it is profound!  I’m sure I’ll or it will irritate someone.

One of my shower thoughts this morning….sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between love and control.

No matter what my spiritual comments is, it seems that athiests and agnostics tend to not attack with as much venom as those who only ask WWJD.  I find that interesting.  I finally blocked one nut job who could take one of my comments and turn it into an all out rhetorical slashing.  I’m so thankful she lives far, far away because I”m sure she would take up her constitution arms and slaughter me like a lamb on the altar.  Her hate novels were not just directed at me…I’m sure there are others who tire of her “facts” being screamed at them and choose to ignore her…responding to her is just a waste of energy.  She needs to read the Good Book for some direction.

It quit snowing – yay – These snow storms cause a lot of hardships for a lot of people..I especially hate it when bad things happen to old people.

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “Thoughts I thunk

  1. Sorry friend, I am new and navigated here quite by accident.


  2. It is weird that it tends to be Christians with more anger issues.Blocking is a nice feature.


  3. Don’t know the context of your thought on love and control, but i’d venture to say if a person uses love to control, then that would not be my definition of love. It could be more about that person using control as a means to something else.I always appreciate it when someone says something that gives a different perspective to the way i think about things. I think that some people might be irritated because they see it as a challenge to their set-in-stone way of thinking, but maybe it will plant a seed for a positive change.


  4. LOL  Well, she hasn’t brought her gobble-e-gook to the table or if she has she hasn’t screamed in our house.  The deeply religious have about painted themselves into a corner, I fear.  I mean there isn’t too much they can say about the earth being only 6,000 years old without looking very, very silly.  Hang in there!-Y


  5. @Table54 – Oh there is someone that reads you and posts gobble-e-gook and I get sick of her rantings.  She has every right to her opinion but I hate her screaming.  Seems as though a lot of the fanatical right wing just scream their heads off spouting all of their “fact”  thats all!


  6. We at Table 54 aren’t sure we fully understood what you’re saying, but we came away glad we read it and we would like to thank you profoundly for being you!-Y


  7. @tracy – I will totally love you for it!  Get a good one of the lump!


  8. I just wanted to let you know I am at the podiatrist and will try to take lots of pictures.


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