Amazingly, I spent an enormous amount of time preparing clothes for our trip to Vegas and beyond. As we ate our first meal with the ped traffic in and out of the casino at TI, He made the announcement that Americans are not the beautiful people…and our second discussion revolved around why anyone would bring babies or small children along with them to Vegas. We had a great corner room on the 26th floor so we had views of the strip both ways. We also lost an amazing amount of money on the slot machines and video poker and black jack. An amazing amount of money is about $100….our agreed upon max…it’s all fun and dandy when I’m playing but after the fact, I’m quite irritated!

Where did I ever get the idea that Vegas was a cheap vacation?


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  1. I’ve never been to Vegas, or any casino. I just hate feeling like I’m throwing my (scant) money away. My Mom and Step-dad used to LOVE it, though.


  2. Your room sounds great! I hope the weather has been good for you. Any place that is warm and doesn’t have snow sounds good to me.


  3. I love finding a  place to sit outside and just watch. Its amazing. Enjoy


  4. Didn’t Vegas do a big promotion on family fun? Something about we’ll watch ’em for free while you lose your life savings? I went there once, and my best memory is of seeing the sun rise over the mountains:] and the gondola ride.


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