I just felt I needed to make comment since you have all been wondering. Going thru security at DSM airport was simple,pleasant and without a flaw…a California kissy kissy to all of them.

Back to Vegas for a second. We love Cesear’s Palace. We spent a lot of time in the shopping area because we love the atmosphere…pics later. After walking all day….and I mean all day…we settled on Cheesecake Factory for dinner…I KNOW *eyeroll..how Iowa of us. We were seated next to a nice middle age lady and her obnoxious drunk mate. We had no sooner ordered when we noticed his head was down on the table…he left at one point so she ate her meal on her own..he returned in quite a stupor. HE said. Wow. He fell fast and hard. I assume he would sleep it off and she would have a pleasant night.

Sedona is breathtakingly beautiful. Pics later. I’m not a huge rock and mountain person, but I have to say the surroundings were gorgeous. I thought I was sick the first 24 hours until figured out the altitude had me. I even used my inhaler which I haven’t used for a long time. I just couldn’t breath if I walked more than 10 steps..my heart was beating out of my chest…sucks…we started down a trail and I had a little meltdown because I thought something was wrong with me….once I figured it out, I was able to change the way I was doing things.

We r headed to the Grand Canyon today…


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  1. I have heard that people LOVE Sedona – that it is a magical place. It will be fun to see your pictures. Glad you figured out what was up. Have fun at the Grand Canyon!


  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying! 


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