Is disappointment just the failure of our expectations….and if we cease to have expectations…would we cease to have disappointment.

If we expect someone (friend, family, preacher, teacher) to act in a certain manner…and they respond differently than expected…especially if this expectation doesn’t meet your needs, is this your issue or their issue?

I don’t think we can be void of any expectation…but if my expectation is not met…who is to blame.  Should I not expect the person stopped at the stop light to remain stopped until their light turns green or until I’m clear of the intersection? 

We proceed on a daily basis putting one foot in front of the other with expectation.  How do we determine what we should expect and what we shouldn’t expect.

That’s where I am today….Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. At Table 54 we feel that expectations are beliefs.  If we believe something and it proves false, we’re disappointed.  Sometimes we even lie to ourselves about the issue to cover up that disappointment.  Bottom line is, we choose to have expectations.  We choose our reactions to their fulfillment.  Life bows to our choices.-Y


  2. Everyone has certain expectations. Many have unreasonable expectations. Some have low expectations. What’s important is how you deal with failed expectations. If you fly off into a rage or get depressed for a week over failed expectations, you might be overreacting. Disappointment over failed expectations is not the end of the world most of the time. You might need to reassess after the failure and salvage what you can or start again if the opportunity is there. Failure will always be possible. As Mick Jagger sang, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find you get what you need.”  As for those that expect obedience to traffic law, well, suppose the stop light malfunctions. What if your at an intersection and all 4 lights are red and they do not change for 5 minutes? Should everybody at all 4 points of the intersection be expected to sit there until they come to fix the lights or a cop arrives to direct traffic? Is that a reasonable expectation? How would you react in that situation? There are some that would move out rather quickly. Others would be shocked by their disobedience and be angry. Still others might exit their cars and try to direct traffic until the authorities arrived, expecting full obedience of the others.People are in the end free agents. Never be surprised when they fail to meet your expectations. Is it their job to do that anyway?   


  3. If that person at the light takes off, you would be more than disappointed! But I get what you mean. If Hubby doesn’t get me a card for Valentine’s Day, I might be disappointed, but I’ve known him for 36 years and I should know better than to expect one! So, in that case, it’s my problem.


  4. You’re making me think too much! I look forward to the day when you, Tracy and Erin and I are back together and we can have discussions like this in person.


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