It’s a day of….

With the weight loss process, I fear that my 55 year old upper arms are going to start looking like 55 year old upper arms rather than well-nourished posts.  So…here’s my question…can I do anything to firm up the flesh?  I’ve used free weights in the past but before I go and wear myself out lifting mega weights 24/7, I want to know..will it help?

Did anyone see the show Through the Wormhole on Science channel talking about the 6th sense?  Was it convincing?  Do you believe it?

Why are we, as a country, being led by these dirty politicians?  Is it greed, money, power?  If that is what it is, I’ll just quit thinking about it…or ask…WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Male/female attractions…what is it?  Do you ever question why some people are attracted to one another?  Well, other than the greed, money and power…is there really a chemical reaction?  or is it just that you recognize something that you lack in that other person…and is it just automatically reciprocated…what makes two people fall in “whatever” with each other?  or is it just pure sexual attraction..somehow???  …..and then what happens when you realize that you detest that person or those things that attracted you in the first place are the things that now irritate you?  …and is it the same thing for friends…what attracts one person to another person as friends..I think not sexual attraction..

The question that is burning in the crease between my thumb and pointer finger..why is it so easy to get blisters in that tender little area…why hasn’t someone come up with a way to rake without getting big ugly blisters that actually ooze and pop before you are even aware of their existance…I wear gloves, people…I’m not stupid.

Why ask why…

Until next time….

It’s a Miracle

I slept until 0800 this morning!!!I only woke up once in the middle of the night.

Weight Watchers is awesome! My friend, Rod, came over to the radio room one day and said..hey Brown..wanna do weight watchers? We talked and decided we wanted to lose about the same amount of weight by about the same amount of time…NO I reallly don’t WANT to do it but I have to..Okay…he then talked to “him” at work and got us both on the program. We do the meetings…We have an awesome leader…she inspires me every week. The program has changed since I did WW in the 80’s or 90’s…Here’s the deal.

You CAN eat whatever you want to eat. There are calculators and books to help you figure points along the way. I would say that eating out is more difficult than before WW…but you would be SHOCKED to know the calorie count in restaurant food. Even the things I thought I was eating for my own good are HORRIBLE!!!! So if you really are committed to losing weight, you must not eat “out” as often…that is not saying you can’t eat out. Moderation, friends.

Every food has points..if you can’t open one of the books to figure out the points, there is a calculator you add protein, fat, fiber and carbs into and it will give you the points….and you must eat serving size…because a serving size is 1 cup for ?? points doesn’t mean you can eat 3 cups and not add the points…

I’m currently on 29 points a day which is the lowest for women..then, you get 49 extra points a week…you can use them all for a big bash, you can use them divided by 7 to have more points a can decide not to use them…I’ve only been using my 29 points and refused to use those 49…but occasionally I would go over 29 by 1 or 2 points. At a meeting two weeks ago, we talked about those points…they are built into the program to make the program don’t have to use them but it isn’t going to hurt you to use them and for someone not as rigid as I am…it certainly makes you happier not to have to say NO..I’m on a diet…

I’m not on a diet..I’m learning how to eat properly. Of course I would weigh as much as I did and do..look what I used to eat…it freaks me out.

Fruit and veg (few exceptions) are free…no limit…none…when I started, they kept me on the program. I had never liked apples that well before, but the first few weeks..they were my best friend…just enough natural sugar to keep me happy – and surprise…they don’t have to be dipped in carmel to be good…once you ween yourself off that sugar habit the better. I’m not saying you can’t have sugar…you just have to include the points in your total. I love bananas and I still eat several a day..they are like my bread habit…I will say that now I’m in the program, I don’t NEED that fruit as much as I did. I still eat it several times a day but I don’t freak out if I don’t have 3 apples and 2 bananas in my work bag to get me thru. I’ve changed.

Weight watchers claims that if you follow the program, you can lose 2 pounds a week after the initial burst of loss. There has only been 1 week that I only lost 1.4 pounds…the rest of the time, I’ve lost 2+…last night was weigh in and I lost 2.8 pounds…and I got into my 49 points by 12. It works … you have to trust the program and not try to diet. If you don’t follow the program, you won’t be successful and eventually, you will figure out that you have to trust the program and the program is merely the healthy way you should be eating in the first place…probably more the way naturally thin people eat.

At this point, I haven’t exercised at all…but I’m starting to feel like I want to walk or do something…not because I have to…because I have a lot more energy.

onward and upward…28.8 pounds for me since my first meeting at the end of May.

Until next time…

It’s a Wednesday

Thought I would start out today with a tail…


This is Marley – our 120 pound golden – a few years ago (I mean this pic was taken a few years ago – he’s still our 120 pound golden)…this is one of my favorite pictures, EVER… Took him for a bath and grooming yesterday and I told them to go ahead and cut his hair short….hhahahahaha



The cats were freaked!!!! or maybe it was just me 🙂 They wouldn’t leave him alone when we first got home – I assume they smelled the nasty old vet’s office. I can’t tell if he feels better or he’s tramatized…we’ve hidden the mirrors..he always has that…Oh Ya..remind me…attitude..

It appears the renter situation is going to end shortly.  I can’t remember if I told you I had him served with a 3-day notice by the sheriff’s office.  Well…this got his attention..that night, we worked out an agreement – he still owed $280 from June and all of July’s rent.  Since he paid first and last month rent when he moved in – he was paid up for his last 30 days…so he decided – ahem – that he would move the troup out on August 15 so he would only owe me 1/2 a months rent – July 1 to July 15…fine, long as I get the money in cash yesterday prior to 5pm.  He msged me early afternoon that he was just getting in and wouldn’t be back to Newton until 6 and if he was out by July 31st could he just owe me the $280…WELL HELL YES.  I told him to add $20 he owed me for a bounced check earlier..this he did.  $300 cash…paid up..they are starting to move today. 

Jenny turned 30 yesterday..

A friend got a bad diagnosis..

He and I have reconnected with some old friends… and it feels good..

I’m chatting with a new friend, who I really like, but I didn’t know she liked me 🙂

Weigh in tonight at WW…

It’s a Wednesday.

Until next time…

It’s out of control

Apparently, my subconscious mind has taken the scenic route away from my conscious mind…first time ever I had panic attacks in the middle of the night… I went to bed early with the headache I had all afternoon and evening and quite irritable…in fact i went to bed early so he didn’t have to put up with me and I didn’t jump down his throat for the way he was breathing… I followed the night before’s new game of waking up every hour at the 15 minute mark…then around 1? I ripped off my cpap mask because I couldn’t breath..hmm something wrong with the machine…then I put the mask back on – nothing seemed different but I couldn’t breath…an hour later, same thing, only this time I was reallly afraid because i couldn’t breath, I had to get out of the bed…I was scared and on the verge of crying… I turned on the computer and tried to do a little farming on Farmville…too much..I didn’t want to do that…then my breathing was okay and then I couldn’t breath again…I toyed with the fact that maybe I was having one of those silent female heart attacks…I couldn’t feel my pulse…maybe I should take a tylenol PM – they knock me out — but if there is a problem, I might not wake up. Went back to bed and as soon as I layed down, I couldn’t breath again but I forced myself to lay there 5 minutes, put on the cpap and at sometime I slipped back into sleep… I’m not working today…still have the headache – breathing is fine but I’m right on the edge of crying my eyes out…I try to rationalize what is wrong…there isn’t anything wrong. Think I’m going to write down on a piece of paper the things I’m worried about…and there is quite a list…but there are some really good things going on in my life…hopefully one list will cancel out the other list…

Until next time…

It’s just a matter of time

5936 trash

Ref my “bitch” post yesterday…I snapped this pic on my way to work this morning…this is one little corner of the front yard..this stuff has been in the front yard for weeks.

He and I started watching the series Damages on Netflix last night…I think I”m going to “like” it okay – doubt I will love it…for starters, I just don’t like Ted Danson…and I really don’t like to watch a show where someone is really evil…it makes me uncomfortable and I get focused on my feelings and lose track of what is going on.  Glenn Close’s character seems really evil, selfish and quite frankly will do anything to get her way…I had to stop watching Criminal Minds because of the violence to women..horrible stuff…I love the main characters and I could still watch it were it not for the filming of the female victim sequences…just too much…this stuff really happens…why turn some pervert onto violence against women…I refuse to watch the major action movies because of the blood and the weapons and the shoot ’em up.  I don’t know why this is okay..

I think we mess ourselves up with what we think and what we take into our minds..I abhor violence…this stuff really happens to people…how can this be entertainment…why doesn’t it make people uncomfortable..why do you WANT to take in this experience?  When I ask why…I really want to know why…so tell me.

If you haven’t yet, check out  How do I exlain it… Everyone has “boards” that they pin their interest to…you can look at boards of people you are following for ideas, kind of a get to know your friends better, very addictive – in fact Alayna put farmville on hold because she got so hooked.  You can also put a pin on your web browser so when you are surfing the internet and find something you like, you can just use the pin button and it will pin to pinterest.

Going to be a humid one today – it’s July and it is Iowa.

Until next time…..


It just makes no sense…


We have this nice little house in the country…this is where we have lived our life since 1986..we raised our family in this house and were quite content.  Then when mom passed in 09, we remodeled and moved next door and decided to rent out the old house…feeling that we would still have some control over how the place would look and how it would be taken care of.  HAHAHAHA

The guy who fell in love with the place and had all kinds of dreams about he and the 18 year old daughter living there and eventually bringing his mother from Kansas – they loved it, ahhhh they will be so happy.  Oh *$%^ someone please slap me back into reality.

Everything was great in the beginning..I really thought it would work out…then the other daughter’s boyfriend loses his job and they also move into the house…everything is ok…then the original 18 year old daughter moves back with her mother because she can’t get along with the boyfriend-in-law…everything is okay – rent is slipping but at least it is getting paid in the month it is due..the tenant also lost his job but somehow is coming up with the money…then that job is gone..I gave them an out of the lease because I know you can’t get blood out of a turnip…he didn’t want out of the lease because the daughter and boyfriend-in-law were going to get married in the backyard and invitations had already gone out…I understood that…they started cleaning up around the house – the wedding was held…rent even later…now son-in-law with a partial job sitting in the backyard with the family, smoking marlboros and drinking beer and SETTING OFF FIRECRACKERS…OH PLEASE DON’T CALL THE LAW, JUST WENT TO MISSOURI AND GOT have got to be kidding to tenant he says the kids are barely making ends meet and buying food..she’s pregnant you know..but I told them they are going to have to help with expenses…(ya right).

Tenant is on the road all of the time but when he is back for a couple of days we make arrangements for two months rent to be paid in 3 installments…tenant has a new job and is driving as much as the DOT will allow.  he is gone all the time and the dead beat son in law and his wife and children living in the house…more shit in the front yard…new baby is here…doesn’t appear anyone is working except the enabling tenant/father….trash in the ditch from a broken garbage bag for 2 weeks..3 weeks…4 weeks.  First check cleared – second check didn’t clear for 2 weeks and 2 days, 3rd check not even a question…tata tenant… more – get the H out!!!  especially good riddance to the lazy, dirt bag son – in -law…had he had a little self respect, things might have worked…feel sorry for the daughter/wife and kids – they are twirling in the drain and don’t even know it…or do they?

I feel better….

Until next time….

It’s so hot…even the corn…

hahahaha…I just had to whine about the heat.  Apparently the corn doesn’t even like the heat.  I just heard that last week was “the nasty week” for corn where the tassel and silks get together and fill the ear with little kernals…they don’t like it hot…86 degrees is the perfect temp for that activity.  My hanging impatiens were choking this morning when I pulled out of the drive, I stopped the car to give them a little drink..hopefully they will come back…another heat story from the redneck fishermen…The boys inadvertently left the liver they fished with on Monday in the back of “his” pickup truck…he couldn’t smell it – of course he can’t smell bad garbage when it is 68 degrees in the house – anyway…it was on the boat all day Monday – in the pickup bed Tues and Wed…the girls in the office went out to smoke and kept smelling something dead…they finally tracked it to “his” pickup…what a proud moment 🙂

Weight Watchers weigh in last night – got my 25 pound medallion for my ww keyring..I”m actually down 26 pounds.  Just now able to trust the program…kind of the beauty of ww.  In the beginning, I was still trying to think like a dieter…I’m not sure what happened to realize that as long as I follow the program, I will lose…it is so much easier…the Points Plus program involves free fruit and veggies…and 29 points plus points per day for me.  It also includes 49 points to be used anytime in the week.  I’ve been pretty rigid – only using my 29 points a day and feeling tense when I go over by 1 or 2…we talked about it last night in class and the instructor pointed out that one of the gals uses her 49 points every week and still loses 2 pounds …actually she said and “lives to tell about it” :).  I’ll get there one of these days.  My goal is 15 pounds more by Kate’s wedding in mid-Oct…I’m pretty confident I will make it – and hopefully more.. 

Until next time….

It is sooo wierd

Went boating yesterday about 20 minutes south of Newton…I must add this because the heat index in Newton was 128…we were on the lake from about 8:30 until about 3…it was hot…but it didn’t feel THAT hot. When we pulled out of the lot it was 97 degrees on the truck gage…As I told the other 3 people stuck in the truck with me…do you know how close that is to 100 degrees 🙂 Well, after the weather news of this morning. I wonder if they realize how close to 130 it was!

“he” has worked very hard on the pontoon to get it ready and presentable. The decals we ordered came in the mail yesterday when we got home. I’ll post a pic when it is finished. We’ve only had it out twice since we bought it (maybe 2 years ago..maybe 3?) The first time with Tom and Rhonda Stoller – we had to be pulled across the lake by the DNR because the motor quit…the second time – again with Tom and Rhonda (which makes you question their loyalty to us…and Brett and Christa and poor floating Daisy – the cocker spaniel…we took on water…Phil reminds me that he mentioned that it was too windy, but I insisted..Brett was doing chemo and I needed for us all to have a memorable, relaxing day….hahaha…we took on water because of the white caps , the pontoons had some holes so they were taking on water and when we tried to pull it out – the wood broke off the trailer so it was cockeyed…it was memorable..but certainly not relaxing. Brett mentioned it much later with a chuckle..but I think it nearly killed him that day.

Yesterday’s outing was wonderful… one fish was caught – nicknamed stinky…he was a huge ugly catfish…once T got him out of the water, we thought the guys might catch more but I think the fact he hung around the boat on a chain, it scared the rest of them away…

R and I were talking yesterday about my not blogging..I told her that since my mother died and released me from the agony, that I can’t seem to blog..don’t understand it…but since there are only a couple three regulars left, I need to do some blogging just to communicate with them…I try to keep caught up with their blogs but Facebook and Farmville really occupy a lot of my computer time *okay…all of my computer time. You can keep up to date on Facebook but Xanga is like having a phone conversation with them.

I’m going to try to post more often…so..until next time….