It’s a day of….

With the weight loss process, I fear that my 55 year old upper arms are going to start looking like 55 year old upper arms rather than well-nourished posts.  So…here’s my question…can I do anything to firm up the flesh?  I’ve used free weights in the past but before I go and wear myself out lifting mega weights 24/7, I want to know..will it help?

Did anyone see the show Through the Wormhole on Science channel talking about the 6th sense?  Was it convincing?  Do you believe it?

Why are we, as a country, being led by these dirty politicians?  Is it greed, money, power?  If that is what it is, I’ll just quit thinking about it…or ask…WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Male/female attractions…what is it?  Do you ever question why some people are attracted to one another?  Well, other than the greed, money and power…is there really a chemical reaction?  or is it just that you recognize something that you lack in that other person…and is it just automatically reciprocated…what makes two people fall in “whatever” with each other?  or is it just pure sexual attraction..somehow???  …..and then what happens when you realize that you detest that person or those things that attracted you in the first place are the things that now irritate you?  …and is it the same thing for friends…what attracts one person to another person as friends..I think not sexual attraction..

The question that is burning in the crease between my thumb and pointer finger..why is it so easy to get blisters in that tender little area…why hasn’t someone come up with a way to rake without getting big ugly blisters that actually ooze and pop before you are even aware of their existance…I wear gloves, people…I’m not stupid.

Why ask why…

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “It’s a day of….

  1. Working out with weights would be beneficial, whether it alters the appearance of the upper arms or not.  I say go for it.


  2. I hate blisters like that.  I think if you did that work everyday your hand would get calloused there and you wouldn’t get blisters anymore.Attraction is such a weird process.  I have always liked tall, blondish, blue-eyed men, which would sort of describe my dad.  He was a good guy to my mom and I think I looked for a guy who was like him and Craig really fits that bill.  I think when people don’t respect each other and are mean to each other they fall out of love but I think a lot of people choose they same physical type over and over again.I didn’t see the show but I think there is a lot out there beyond our comprehension.I can’t even talk about politics now.  The rotten ********!


  3. I hate those politicians. You should hear the canadians talk about our politicians. It’s almost awe at their ridiculousness and selfishness.Sounds like an interesting program!


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