It’s bound to be controversial

I don’t even know how to begin conversing about this topic…I’ve always heard you shouldn’t talk about politics and religion without causing a bunch of panty bunching – but, this just keeps popping into my head and I”m going to bring it up. 

As football season approaches (I pick on football players because I watch a lot of football), we’ll get to see the guy in the tight pants run down the field under the big H – kneel down and sign the cross across his chest or point upward as if thanking God for this touchdown…then there is the news footage of a catastrophe whether it be man made or weather related and the people are standing outside this tragic event saying..God was watching over them…as opposed to their neighbor, the schmuck, who is trapped in the house next door?…. the fans of whatever competition on the sidelines praying for God to let their side win…and God does?  Thank you God for the beautiful day you provided for…… but?  

as opposed to…

the player who runs down the field and makes a touchdown and knows that God most likely didn’t move all of those big players out of his way – that it is the way the game is played…the catastrophe victim who lost everything including his entire family…God didn’t watch over them because they didn’t pray hard enough?  God didn’t like the losing team today because their fans didn’t pray enough and God really cares which side wins…and does anyone get mad at God if the day for the event doesn’t turn out beautiful?  Thank you God for the snow storm that totally messed up all of our plans…’s the have a 50/50 chance.

You have lots of money, great health, great family, no worries, no pain thank you God…but what happens when you lose all of your money?  Do you think God has taken it away.  Did God cause that accident that ruined your day and killed your family…he must have if on the flip side you are thanking God that no one was injured in the accident that ruined your day?

Do not in anyway consider me a non-believer in God.   I think you can be in love with a beautiful day and want to rejoice…but I also think it needs to be mentioned that God gave us reasoning and choice..choice in all things… I also believe in your right to believe the way you want to this is not meant to bring about christian venom venting – just a perspective.


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11 thoughts on “It’s bound to be controversial

  1. @Kissedbyadog – and excellent response.  I couldn’t agree more especially with “I have an underlying faith and hope and I just keep rolling in that direction.”   


  2. Amen Nina!   I’m a big believer in God, but also free will – consequences for choices made, and that life happens.  I don’t think God needs us to be “good enough” for things to happen, or to be loved.  I don’t think there are a lot of rules attached to God at all.  I think what is, is.  What happens, happens, and that God is God, and loves everyone the same regardless of life circumstances.  My life has largely been a large ball of poo…..often of my own making.  Do I think for one minute that God doesn’t love me?  No.   We’re not puppets….we’re humans, thus fallable.   If a prayer doesn’t appear to be answered – why gnash the teeth?  God’s not a magician or a back pocket get out of jail free card.      I think whether or not someone believes is their own business, and their own choice, and it’s not up to me to cram my choices or beliefs down someone elses throat.  It’s pretty personal….. like politics…..and yes, panties do get bunched….. I never understand why.  It is what it is.  I think the thing t hat keeps me hanging on is my belief, and learning the unforced rhythms of grace.  Not being heavy or burdened….but just kind of having an underlying faith that regardless of what circumstances I find myself in, or how everyone else appears to be doing it, I have an underlying faith and hope and I just keep rolling in that direction.    Excellent blog. 


  3. I have often had these same thoughts. from the ridiculousness of the thanking God after a game to the being spared part. All of it, couldn’t agree more!I am a believer, but my God is more of a collective conciousness kind of God than a big man with a gavel on a throne kind of God…What kind of makes me sad is the number of Baptist kids I know who are just the nicest ppl but spend so much time worrying about being good enough to please God, or to know what he wants from them…they just can’t see the forest for the trees and i don’t think they’ll ever feel worthy….


  4. @Megan Hicks@facebook – You have some good points…I just get tired of hearing people referring to God did this and saved my family…well what do we say about the family that didn’t make it..God didn’t like them?  Seems like I’m always seeing or hearing these statements.  Like I say, everyone has a right to their own beliefs but was hoping I would get some people thinking…


  5. @Ninasusan – You’re welcome.  If we were together in person I would have a lot more to say and ask and wonder about free will.  But I don’t have the time or the patience to type it all up today.


  6. @tracy – I would have been interested to read your first comment. 


  7. @tracy – :0 thanks for the special little humor ingredient!!!


  8. @skanickadee – free will is one of the terms I was searching for and couldn’t come up with it…Thanks


  9. I had to erase the whole comment I just typed in. Mine sounded much meaner than yours, but suffice it to say that this is an annoyance for me and I have to carefully reset my attitude on a regular basis so I don’t say something horrible to some really nice person who just wants her dogs nail trimming to go well.


  10. Craig and I have talked about this.  It seems that there are a lot of people who feel that God has a death date for them.  If it isn’t your day to go I guess then you are thanking God that he didn’t pick that particular day for you.I was listening to a Christian teen talk about wanting to go to a mission trip to one of the worst areas in Chicago and her mother forbade her to go.  The teen’s thought process was well, if it is my day to go it doesn’t matter if I am in that bad neighborhood or in my bed – if it is my time to die then I am going to die.  Ok so point a gun and shoot a bullet at yourself, is God going to change the trajectory of the bullet because he didn’t think it was the right day for you to go or you going to die because God gave you free will and you chose to do something stupid and you will pay the price for your stupid choices?


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