It’s a Miracle

I slept until 0800 this morning!!!I only woke up once in the middle of the night.

Weight Watchers is awesome! My friend, Rod, came over to the radio room one day and said..hey Brown..wanna do weight watchers? We talked and decided we wanted to lose about the same amount of weight by about the same amount of time…NO I reallly don’t WANT to do it but I have to..Okay…he then talked to “him” at work and got us both on the program. We do the meetings…We have an awesome leader…she inspires me every week. The program has changed since I did WW in the 80’s or 90’s…Here’s the deal.

You CAN eat whatever you want to eat. There are calculators and books to help you figure points along the way. I would say that eating out is more difficult than before WW…but you would be SHOCKED to know the calorie count in restaurant food. Even the things I thought I was eating for my own good are HORRIBLE!!!! So if you really are committed to losing weight, you must not eat “out” as often…that is not saying you can’t eat out. Moderation, friends.

Every food has points..if you can’t open one of the books to figure out the points, there is a calculator you add protein, fat, fiber and carbs into and it will give you the points….and you must eat serving size…because a serving size is 1 cup for ?? points doesn’t mean you can eat 3 cups and not add the points…

I’m currently on 29 points a day which is the lowest for women..then, you get 49 extra points a week…you can use them all for a big bash, you can use them divided by 7 to have more points a can decide not to use them…I’ve only been using my 29 points and refused to use those 49…but occasionally I would go over 29 by 1 or 2 points. At a meeting two weeks ago, we talked about those points…they are built into the program to make the program don’t have to use them but it isn’t going to hurt you to use them and for someone not as rigid as I am…it certainly makes you happier not to have to say NO..I’m on a diet…

I’m not on a diet..I’m learning how to eat properly. Of course I would weigh as much as I did and do..look what I used to eat…it freaks me out.

Fruit and veg (few exceptions) are free…no limit…none…when I started, they kept me on the program. I had never liked apples that well before, but the first few weeks..they were my best friend…just enough natural sugar to keep me happy – and surprise…they don’t have to be dipped in carmel to be good…once you ween yourself off that sugar habit the better. I’m not saying you can’t have sugar…you just have to include the points in your total. I love bananas and I still eat several a day..they are like my bread habit…I will say that now I’m in the program, I don’t NEED that fruit as much as I did. I still eat it several times a day but I don’t freak out if I don’t have 3 apples and 2 bananas in my work bag to get me thru. I’ve changed.

Weight watchers claims that if you follow the program, you can lose 2 pounds a week after the initial burst of loss. There has only been 1 week that I only lost 1.4 pounds…the rest of the time, I’ve lost 2+…last night was weigh in and I lost 2.8 pounds…and I got into my 49 points by 12. It works … you have to trust the program and not try to diet. If you don’t follow the program, you won’t be successful and eventually, you will figure out that you have to trust the program and the program is merely the healthy way you should be eating in the first place…probably more the way naturally thin people eat.

At this point, I haven’t exercised at all…but I’m starting to feel like I want to walk or do something…not because I have to…because I have a lot more energy.

onward and upward…28.8 pounds for me since my first meeting at the end of May.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “It’s a Miracle

  1. I have been toying with the idea of trying it out but I have problems with eating fruits and veggies that I didn’t know if it would be worth the investment in the program.I am glad it is working for you!  Tracy is right – it really helps to have support.  Yay you!


  2. Nina I’m so proud of you. Not for losing weight, but for learning better eating habits and sticking with it. It’s so much healthier and you already feel better!  That eating out thing is the suck. I am lucky that at least here we have restaurants every 20 feet so there are healthier options but you still have to be so careful.  Are you freezing your bananas and grapes yet?  Num. I am working on making sure I start making more meals from scratch with completely unprocessed foods.  Trying to cut way back on any chemicals and upped my intake of foods that have immunity boosters.  All sorts of new fruits and veggies for me.It’s so much better when you have people around you supporting you and working it together. I guess Rod might not be all bad.  🙂


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