It’s just a matter of time

5936 trash

Ref my “bitch” post yesterday…I snapped this pic on my way to work this morning…this is one little corner of the front yard..this stuff has been in the front yard for weeks.

He and I started watching the series Damages on Netflix last night…I think I”m going to “like” it okay – doubt I will love it…for starters, I just don’t like Ted Danson…and I really don’t like to watch a show where someone is really evil…it makes me uncomfortable and I get focused on my feelings and lose track of what is going on.  Glenn Close’s character seems really evil, selfish and quite frankly will do anything to get her way…I had to stop watching Criminal Minds because of the violence to women..horrible stuff…I love the main characters and I could still watch it were it not for the filming of the female victim sequences…just too much…this stuff really happens…why turn some pervert onto violence against women…I refuse to watch the major action movies because of the blood and the weapons and the shoot ’em up.  I don’t know why this is okay..

I think we mess ourselves up with what we think and what we take into our minds..I abhor violence…this stuff really happens to people…how can this be entertainment…why doesn’t it make people uncomfortable..why do you WANT to take in this experience?  When I ask why…I really want to know why…so tell me.

If you haven’t yet, check out  How do I exlain it… Everyone has “boards” that they pin their interest to…you can look at boards of people you are following for ideas, kind of a get to know your friends better, very addictive – in fact Alayna put farmville on hold because she got so hooked.  You can also put a pin on your web browser so when you are surfing the internet and find something you like, you can just use the pin button and it will pin to pinterest.

Going to be a humid one today – it’s July and it is Iowa.

Until next time…..


4 thoughts on “It’s just a matter of time

  1. I totally agree with about the TV shows.  I have to say it was Craig who first said that in our house.  We were into some crime shows and he said why are we watching this?  This really happens – murder shouldn’t be entertainment.  Those people are just pigs desecrating your lovely house.  Not right.I haven’t done pinterest.  Some times I feel like I have too much stuff out there already.  I guess I am feeling old.  I also don’t feel like learning another site right now.  I get tired of trying to figure out all the privacy stuff.


  2. wow that stinks cuz that is the cutest little house!!i completely agree with you about some of those tv shows. I had to stop watching Criminal minds for the same reason and I really liked the show…but yeah like we need to give perverts more ideas…I don’t enjoy those kind of books either…my DIL gave me one once that was a true story and it bothered me for a long time. Even still just thinking about it bothers me. Not my thang for sure.I got very busy on FV for a long time, when i gave it up i didn’t know how to kill time on the comp for awhile lol. Right now i am kind of addicted to Bubble Pop, but it’s a quick game and not time intensive…


  3. I guess I could have commented on the other post so that I was on content. But,eh.


  4. I love both of your homes. They are so beautiful, and so different. HA to all your other readers ’cause I’ve seen them in person! Na-na-na-na!It’s so hard to read people, you just never know what they’re going to turn into when they are alone.


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