It is sooo wierd

Went boating yesterday about 20 minutes south of Newton…I must add this because the heat index in Newton was 128…we were on the lake from about 8:30 until about 3…it was hot…but it didn’t feel THAT hot. When we pulled out of the lot it was 97 degrees on the truck gage…As I told the other 3 people stuck in the truck with me…do you know how close that is to 100 degrees 🙂 Well, after the weather news of this morning. I wonder if they realize how close to 130 it was!

“he” has worked very hard on the pontoon to get it ready and presentable. The decals we ordered came in the mail yesterday when we got home. I’ll post a pic when it is finished. We’ve only had it out twice since we bought it (maybe 2 years ago..maybe 3?) The first time with Tom and Rhonda Stoller – we had to be pulled across the lake by the DNR because the motor quit…the second time – again with Tom and Rhonda (which makes you question their loyalty to us…and Brett and Christa and poor floating Daisy – the cocker spaniel…we took on water…Phil reminds me that he mentioned that it was too windy, but I insisted..Brett was doing chemo and I needed for us all to have a memorable, relaxing day….hahaha…we took on water because of the white caps , the pontoons had some holes so they were taking on water and when we tried to pull it out – the wood broke off the trailer so it was cockeyed…it was memorable..but certainly not relaxing. Brett mentioned it much later with a chuckle..but I think it nearly killed him that day.

Yesterday’s outing was wonderful… one fish was caught – nicknamed stinky…he was a huge ugly catfish…once T got him out of the water, we thought the guys might catch more but I think the fact he hung around the boat on a chain, it scared the rest of them away…

R and I were talking yesterday about my not blogging..I told her that since my mother died and released me from the agony, that I can’t seem to blog..don’t understand it…but since there are only a couple three regulars left, I need to do some blogging just to communicate with them…I try to keep caught up with their blogs but Facebook and Farmville really occupy a lot of my computer time *okay…all of my computer time. You can keep up to date on Facebook but Xanga is like having a phone conversation with them.

I’m going to try to post more often…so..until next time….

2 thoughts on “It is sooo wierd

  1. That is shockingly hot!  My goodness!  Remember when you were here the van’s temp gauge read 100 or 101?  Too hot!I understand about not blogging.  Really, for you it was related to a lot of pain.  The pain is gone and I could see not feeling the same about it.  You are right fb just isn’t the same as Xanga.I saw the picture of that fish.  He was scary!  Nice to see you here Nina!!!!


  2. Not blogging is fine.  We need it at different times for different reasons.    Glad you got your boat going!  Nice to hear from you


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