It’s all really simple, really

Many of my rants come to me during my morning shower..this morning was no different..Todays thought, I like to think, is a solution to a burgeoning problem in America.  First thing we do is head to Texas to help them pack..who you ask…our liberal, moderates and liberal conservative friends and family.  After we get them out, we save all of the legal mexicans who have made their home there.  Why Texas, you ask..well they have that whole immigration problem, lots of oil and it will probably be just the right size…then I get stuck…We can’t give Texas to the tea baggers because they are very against socialism and handouts. Once the the right wing nuts get established in Texas, they can put together a couple of people to run the *ahem* government, become their own country…can monitor the borders for illegal immigrants,  rid themselves of any handouts they secretly take in from their former taking care of their children and elderly because there will be no programs like medicare and social security…I guess there won’t be poor children because they can put them to work…and their young will populate the country quite fast due to the abstinence only rule.  I’m sorry to say I think those illegals who haven’t heard and sneak across may end up as slaves…there will be dirty jobs to do and the tea men just won’t have time due to working and constantly monitoring their neighbors…someone has to bring home the bacon for the wife to cook up….But thank goodness when the US gets down there to help, we will have the alamo.  They will have enough oil to last awhile so the muslims will be off the hook.  I fear there will be some moral white males going over the border to impregnate some innocent mexicans girls and the gay mexicans had better watch out!! I say we open up some borders in other states and provide english classes and instruction manuals for becoming Americans if they really want to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  And with that thought, I say we step up our military in those bordering states also because you just know those “baggers” will have a great military……all leaders and no grunts but a millitary none the less…

I’m guessing they will begin to trickle back into the United States eventually…and we will welcome them back, help them get settled because that’s just the way we roll.  Election day is getting close, I encourage you …please don’t vote in an ultra conservative tea bagger…it just encourages the ignorance…but if you do, it’s okay because you live in America and you have that right.

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Saturday Morning thoughts

Update:  just had a mother call advising that she needs a cop come and talk to her 10 year old daughter..who was throwing a fit..she kicked her in the chest and called her an f-ing retard.  Mom wants the kid to know what could happen to her…uh huh




For the most part, I like to work early days on the weekend. (7-3).  It’s just me.  Lots of time to read up on events from the night, the newspapers, the Huffington Post and I get to answer all of the calls received until 10am.  For a while, I’ve been pondering what in the H my generation and the one below me has done to our kids.  I always laugh when I received “forwards” about how we survived the days of riding our bikes in the street without helmets, riding in the back window of the fast back cars like the 65 Chevy Impala, being the early generation of latchkey kids.  I”ve told this story before that my dad had a little 20 gauge Baretta…cutest little handgun…when I was a little kid, he taught me to load it and to shoot it (Holy crap – I hope you all are okay reading this – I survived this).  I came home from school one day and the inner door to the house off of the closed garage was open…I was scared…very scared…but I quietly snuck into my folks bedroom, got the gun out of my dad’s bedside drawer and cleared the house including the basement.  I actually didn’t give it a second thought – this was what I had to do..I would guess I was somewhere 10-12.  My mother was afraid of everything- especially illness and dying…perhaps this is what caused me to have big kahunas…someone had to.  This brings me to the question… shouldn’t a mother want her children to grow up unafraid, to want to soar like a bird, to go for it, to ask for help when needed but don’t expect someone to solve their problems.  That is not societal standards these days for raising kids…

Just as an example…do you know how many times a parent calls the police to come talk to their kids to scare them into behaving, going to bed, etc.  WHAT?  Why in the H would you want your kids to be scared of the police..where is your self respect that you call someone else to raise your kids…The mother who called this morning to tell me there was a dog running loose…she was breathless and near hysteria because she didn’t want the dog to bite her kids because her young daughter said yes…one time this dog came up to her and acted like it was going to bite her.  Understand what I’m saying here…yes…the dog could have bitten her and yes this could have been tragic – but just as well, she is scaring the H out of this kid.  Oh my goodnes, kids are skateboarding n the street, oh my goodness the neighbor is doing this or the neighbor is doing that…oh my exhusband is driving without insurance…oh my goodness, why can’t you go into their house and see if they are smoking MJ because I know that they are breaking the law…can you imagine how these people would be screaming if the police suddenly went into their house with an unlawful search and seizure…oh my goodness, I smell chemicals – its a bbq grill, ma’m.  I realize all of our Neighborhood Watch programs are making people paranoid…they were a good idea and still are until the horrible paranoia sets in and people are keeping their blinds shut with just a peep hole.  We are a society of whining pansy asses who can’t handle responsibility for ourselves, let alone for children that we bring into this world….and sometimes we bring these children into this world because we have the mentality of Christine O-Donnell who told the world a few years ago on Bill Maher that condoms just don’t work.  I’m just disgusted…and don’t be critical of me…these are the moronic situations I deal with every day…if you don’t work with the public…you don’t know!

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Anger Management

Anger in others really pushes my buttons.  I learned a long time ago to control my anger…probably a lot to my detriment…perhaps if I had gotten angry about a few things in my past, I would have been healthier.  “He” has a really quick anger threshold which really makes me angry…but mostly I don’t respond to his anger because I don’t want to have to deal with the escalation.  Keeping that in mind…when I hear bigotted, idiots like Tancredo, the moron who is running for Governor in Colorado…I wish him dead.  Plain and simple.  I lose all of my normal moral and liberal everyone-has-a-right-to-their-opinion attitude and want to hurt him.  I have to really draw myself back in and bite my tongue so as not to commence with idiotic ravings and put myself in the same category that he is in…but I can’t leave this topic without saying..HE NEEDS TO GO D-O-W-N!

In my – I just can’t believe in the stupidity of people – there is the 911 dispatcher from a couple of counties over who really did not edify the flock with her moronic handling of this call.,0,1739265.mp3file

My question:  Her first day on the job?  They never get 911 calls?  She just got out of bed? or she is just an idiot…  For you non-central Iowa folk, this not only happened but is being played out on TV stations and newspapers.  What really scares me is – does she know what she did…someone needs to slap her.

That’s it…everything else is going relatively well and now I feel better that I’ve included you in my ravings

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