Shame on us!

I changed channels on the remote tonight – I’ve been pretty much focused on the political news for a week.  CNN and NPR have filled any quiet times that I normally have…I couldn’t seem to get enough of all of this political talk.  But now I’m just pissed off… Most of this totally negative emotion overtook me when I heard one of those idiot newspeople spewing about Sarah Palin’s pro-life stance is especially proven by the number of children she has and one of them has downs syndrome.  WTF people.  I listened, stunned, trying to figure out if he was saying…had she been pro-choice – she would have aborted this down syndrome child…well, of course – isn’t that what pro-choice people always do…or was he saying that this down syndrome child was a dirty little secret and bless Sarah’s heart – she had this child anyway…is he inferring that down’s syndrome children are somehow not human beings and shouldn’t have a place in our society….and….I don’t think that because she has 5 children…that makes her a viable vice presidential candidate…do we normally lament over a man being the father of five children?…in fact, can you ever imagine that a male candidate’s down syndrome child would be brought up as an indication of what a wonderful vice president he would be. 

……do the males in our society really think that we need to name a token woman for the women to support – do you really think that “they” think that we will throw our support on McCain because he has thrown a woman into the mix to calm and satisfy us ditsy, hyper women.  I find this truly appalling…Sarah Palin may be one hell of a role model, woman, politician, city council person, mayor and governor of Alaska but she calls herself just a regular hocky mom.  Isn’t that just sweet.  Well, I don’t want a regular old hocky mom making the decisions for the country…even if she is a card carrying member of the NRA and a hunter and fisher woman…that is unless she gets some political experience …. and these are labels she is wearing as a badge that she has the experience to be the leader of this great nation.

..and while I’m on it….why does the new media have to continue reminding us and stirring up racial relations by their constant mentioning Barack is an african-american.  Is there anyone out there who hasn’t figured it out…I know Barack is black and by golley, I know that Sarah Palin is probably part eskimo and I always get a lump in my throat when I hear that John McCain was a prisoner of war and 8 years ago, I thought George W was an arrogant fool,  Bill Clinton got some whoopee in the white house and got caught – John Kennedy (God rest his soul) probably got whoopee in the white house too but didn’t get caught, does this stuff really matter or are we this superficial – don’t we really want to know what the candidates have to say…how they address the issues – how they are going to fix things – I don’t care how much they pay for shoes or for that matter how many houses they own…I want to know what they are going to do to make my American Dream more achievable.

Until next time……

Another World

I’m just kind of flabbergasted at McCain’s choice for veep.  I agree with Hillary…No Way, No How, No McCain.  The only thing good that I can feel about Palin is that she is a non-washington-ite.  It certainly has been good fodder for the folks on CNN today 🙂

I worked a 6p to 2a shift tonight for Kim.  I’m still on midnight schedule, so after watching Swingtown (which is getting the boot, damnit) and Friday’s Young and Restless, I decided to go on an internet search of something.  I settled on Another World..the soap opera from the 60/70/80’s.  I started watching it in 1964…I was young…I think that may have been when it started??  I hated to go to school during the school year because I missed many months of it.  During the summer, it is what my dad and I did from 2:00 to 2:30 before he left for work at 2:30…He loved Rachel 🙂  After Another World, I believe it was “You Don’t Say” and then at 3 the Matchgame…anyone else tripping down memory lane here.

I actually have the holiday weekend off.  I don’t have to go back to work until Monday night at 2300.  Hoping the weather is decent … “he” and I will celebrate our 29th anniversary on Monday…uh huh, I was a very young child bride 🙂

Until next time…..

I hate playing with boys…I just get so competitive and I”m not sure where that comes from.  Don’t take me wrong…I find men basically tolerable – although I do like to sit back and watch them the way one might like to watch monkeys in the zoo.  Woooo…who whizzed in her raisin bran….

Maybe I’m just intimidated?  I love pro-football – in fact I’m the sports fan in the family…I love playing fantasy football because it brings a totally new way to watch a game..but I don’t like the draft very well and I really  have a problem with being the girl with all the boys when I’m not scoring high…those overgrown, hairy homo sapiens probably slipped me some testosterone in my diet cherry pepsi.

My picks weren’t great..I dropped the ball on Running backs…I did pick up Joseph Addai – but the rest were not even starters 😦 Quarterbacks – Derek Anderson and Eli Manning and Brodie Croyle – I really hope Croyle shocks Kansas City and the nation this year.  Anyway…the draft is over – I’m ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

I THINK WE CAN…it has taken me until tonight to totally throw my support behind Obama.  I missed Bill’s speech the other night but have watched a good part of the evening democratic convention coverage and tonight I thought Obama was amazing.  It was a political speech – it was supposed to be rousing rhetoric…but tonight he gave me a sense of realistic hope for America.  I liked Biden while he was in Iowa for the caucuses..I really supported Hillary but did have some hesitancy to support her 100%…I kept feeling in the back of my mind that my support for Hill had a good deal to do with my support of Bill…but this Obama thing tonight felt good.  I think the Obama/Biden ticket is exactly what America needs. O-bam-a, O-bam-a………

Until next time…..

The Draft

Tonight is the sheriff’s office fantasy football draft…this will be my second year and God willing I will make “woman” everywhere very proud…uh ya….

I’m just hoping not to come in dead last like I did last year.  So about 1800 hours CDT, ya’ll need to think of me and send positive waves my way.

Until next time…..

The dilemma

This animal rescue league board member thing is probably akin to taking a small child into a candy store.  I was on the web site last night where I meandered over to the pets for adoption and found an adorable black cat…”he” has been adament that he doesn’t want another cat; but, I’ve been trying to wear him down.  When I got home tonight, I told him I had been back in the cat rooms after the meeting – he said  – hmmmm where are you going to live….. black with a white chest and white paws…oh my goodness.

I asked him if he would at least go in with me and meet Desi and he said…NINA GO AHEAD AND GET HIM.  The family is on “his” side even though none of them live at home…”he” loves Benny and Billy..he is just content…I just want one more…this one will be the same color as devil dog.  Dumb reason.  I can’t stand to think of euthanasia but I can’t rescue them all – I know this already….I’m struggling tonight trying to figure out what to do…for those of you who don’t know “him”, please know that he will love this cat as much as he loves all of the other critters..he just doesn’t want 3 cats.  That is his reason.  I wanted to get a black cat when I brought Benny home but Benny was so needy and won my heart…

So the inner struggle continues 😦

Drowning in my purse

So we go to Hyvee (Iowa’s employee owned grocery store) to return pop cans and bottles – one of those little rooms off the store where you insert your can/bottle into the mouth of the crusher and collect your pay slip which you take to the courtesy counter for your savings account money aka bottle deposit.  HyVee keeps the little room very neat and tidy but I don’t like to set my purse on the floor while I”m feeding the machine…so I hung it over the spout of the little sink in the room.  An employee comes in to empty one of the machines, sees my purse and says – oh honey, that is one of those automatic faucets…you might want to move your purse in case it turns on.  “he” promptly grabs my purse for me – and he and I both think to ourselves – whew that was lucky.  You so totally know where I”m going here, don’t you.

So we walk out of the little room onto the sidewalk and I feel a drip running down my leg…$*!#&^(#$@! My purse holds water.  It was half full of water..just sitting there soaking into my cell phone, my checkbook, my 2-year calendar and all of the other useless, important things I carry in my purse.  There in the parking lot of the grocery store, I take everything out of my purse – thank goodness, I’m past tampons – and pour the water out of the purse …*(*$#&*)(….. I was in a foul mood for the rest of the night – if I had done something like that and thought – I probably shouldn’t do that because…… I would have chalked it up to listening to my instincts and laughed it off – but for some reason this really pissed me off…

Note to self…….


The dogs normally form a chain around the coffee table at night while we are watching TV… Sierra frequently sits up and watches TV…but last night they were all wierd, Devil Dog actually jumped up on the davenport but couldn’t get comfortable…We couldn’t figure out why they were all hundling around mama…


In all of Sierra’s pictures, it looks like she is being beaten…I assure you, she just hates to have her picture taken as much as I do….




Billy and Benny are a couple of the cleanest cats ever…they have to be…if they aren’t cleaning each other, they are cleaning themselves…here’s my question…When Billy is doing his bath, I hear this wierd little sound like regurgitating fluid..this morning – there was an itsy bitsy little drop that didn’t soak in.  Am I on to something?

I went to Waverly today.  My job was to check on the kid’s house after the June flood.  Thank goodness it was in pretty good shape.  I also got ahold of a contracter while I was there to repair the basement steps and do some clean up and remove some probable mold down there…Nice quiet day…it rained all the way up there (about 2 hours from home)…I listened to sirius radio all the way.  back and forth between channel 4 “movin’ easy” and CNN, NPR talk and NPR now.  On the way home, I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies from Subway…I took a detour and drove thru Parkersburg – it was hit by a major tornado earlier this season and leveled a huge part of town….the trees are just desimated…lots of rebuilding going on – lots of brand new very nice houses.  Some folks are living in camping trailers on their lots.  I just sat at a stop sign in wonder…how does the tornado blow thru and take out everything in it’s path on one side of the street…and doesn’t appear to have damaged any of the houses on the other side of the street.  Probably never have the answer to that question but it just fascinates me.

He’s making chili for supper…it’s 73 degrees but very humid…

Waiting for Katy to call me with the text from Barack Obama with his selection of a running mate.

Until next time….

Days off finally arrived…and today was payday…all those hours I worked in the last couple of weeks paid off 🙂 Holy Toledo!!

By the way…where did Holy Toledo come from…I wonder if this is just a midwestern term.  I’m sure you have the answer and you know who you are.

“He” is going to play golf this afternoon wtih Bruce; then I’m going to meet them at Okoboji Grill for some dinner and fantasy football advice.  Our draft is Wednesday so I’m going to try to soak up as much of the guru’s advice as I can.  Again this year, I’m the only girl.

Msmandylee’s husband told me to really think about Cleveland this year – he thinks they are going to break out…what do you think about that, Katy.

IMG_0599 Isn’t this about as peacful as you can get.