I hate playing with boys…I just get so competitive and I”m not sure where that comes from.  Don’t take me wrong…I find men basically tolerable – although I do like to sit back and watch them the way one might like to watch monkeys in the zoo.  Woooo…who whizzed in her raisin bran….

Maybe I’m just intimidated?  I love pro-football – in fact I’m the sports fan in the family…I love playing fantasy football because it brings a totally new way to watch a game..but I don’t like the draft very well and I really  have a problem with being the girl with all the boys when I’m not scoring high…those overgrown, hairy homo sapiens probably slipped me some testosterone in my diet cherry pepsi.

My picks weren’t great..I dropped the ball on Running backs…I did pick up Joseph Addai – but the rest were not even starters 😦 Quarterbacks – Derek Anderson and Eli Manning and Brodie Croyle – I really hope Croyle shocks Kansas City and the nation this year.  Anyway…the draft is over – I’m ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

I THINK WE CAN…it has taken me until tonight to totally throw my support behind Obama.  I missed Bill’s speech the other night but have watched a good part of the evening democratic convention coverage and tonight I thought Obama was amazing.  It was a political speech – it was supposed to be rousing rhetoric…but tonight he gave me a sense of realistic hope for America.  I liked Biden while he was in Iowa for the caucuses..I really supported Hillary but did have some hesitancy to support her 100%…I kept feeling in the back of my mind that my support for Hill had a good deal to do with my support of Bill…but this Obama thing tonight felt good.  I think the Obama/Biden ticket is exactly what America needs. O-bam-a, O-bam-a………

Until next time…..

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  1. It took you long enough to get in the boat. 


  2. Dean Koontz writes suspense.  Unfortunately his subjects tend to be quite varied so it’s hard to say exactly what type they are.  I recommend (as a starter) Odd Thomas and Frankenstein.I thought the speech was amazing.


  3. Good for you mom!  It was an amazing speech!!


  4. I thought you might find this interesting.  I read it at the Chicago Tribune Online.BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times ColumnistDateline — Denver: . . . The Clinton family — Bill, Hillary and Chelsea— got stuck in an elevator Wednesday night, shortly after they lefttheir box at the Pepsi Center, where the Democratic National Conventionis being held in Denver.•   •   To wit: The Clintons gotstuck midway between one floor and the next, and ultimately had toclimb out of the elevator, back up 3½ feet to the next floor. •   •   The upshot: The Secret Service was able to pull them out and up. The Clintons eventually took a freight elevator down.•   •   The chat: Lisa Caputo, Hillary Clinton’s presssecretary when she was first lady — who was in the elevator with theClintons when it got stuck — tells Sneed: “Nobody was carried out, Ican tell you that. It was just a matter of step up and out. I don’tknow why everyone’s making such a fuss.” •   •   The endshot: The elevator was full and reportedly everyonewas calm while waiting for help, which took approximately three minutes.


  5. I wouldn’t have a clue about that fantasy football.  Good luck with it.To be honest, if Bill were running again I would vote for him again – in a heartbeat.  I really do believe in Obama and was glad to hear Bill mention that GOP pundits whined about him being so inexperienced and it wasn’t a problem for him and it won’t be for Obama.  I thought John Kerry had a great speech, too.Hope you are having a good evening.


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