The dogs normally form a chain around the coffee table at night while we are watching TV… Sierra frequently sits up and watches TV…but last night they were all wierd, Devil Dog actually jumped up on the davenport but couldn’t get comfortable…We couldn’t figure out why they were all hundling around mama…


In all of Sierra’s pictures, it looks like she is being beaten…I assure you, she just hates to have her picture taken as much as I do….



10 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Sierra looks a whole lot like my sister’s rescue dog, Jazzy, who was picked up on the streets of DM.  She often has that beaten look too but lives a life of luxury. 


  2. i love dogs, she’s not a devil!  she’s a lover, and i will take her if you need me to.  mine are outside doing who knows what.  all i know is that when the bloodhound comes in at night i get covered in slober…OOOH Gross!!


  3. Well I love the pic of you and your cute pups! what a team you all are.


  4. beautiful dogs…so spoiled, huh?take care,sage


  5. I love it! Right now both of mine are on the floor chewing on their bones…..but after a certian time they are both laying on me. I have not heard the word davenport in a long time eather


  6. @skanickadee – The black lab mix is Frannie – Devil Dog, the yellow lab is Sierra and the big red golden is Marley – the boyfriend


  7. ahhh i just love dogs…..   I haven’t heard the word davenport in a enons.  my dog jumped on me after being asleep for awhile needless to say…. i was up for a bit before I could fall back to sleep.   probably had a bad dream and needed his momma!   have a great day


  8. Ha!  I love the picture!  Refresh my memory – which dog is which?


  9. Awwwww….poor little puppy!  How can you be so cruel?  Using that devilish beasty as a blankie that way.


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