Goodbye Waterbed?

Good Grief…I think we may do it this time…he wants to get a grown up bed.  We have discussed this topic so many times and I have even blogged and asked other people’s opinions on what the right bed is…there IS NOT A RIGHT BED.  We have slept on the same waterbed nearly our entire 30 years of marriage.  I say nearly because we did have to buy a new bladder once because we “sprang a hole”.

A few days ago we were both upstairs and were surprised about how hot it was in our bedroom…haha…and that’s the truth.  For some reason the air conditioning just wasn’t cutting it…then a couple of nights later, I crawled into bed and it was HOT…when my legs went under the sheet, I knew something was wrong…sure enough the heater control had fallen off the bed and was running on high and would not shut he unplugged it.  We slept on the bed for 2 nights (our nights – really days) without a waterbed heater…we have two options…buy a new heater which will cause lots of grief because we will have to empty the bladder to get the old heater out and the new heater in…then refill the bed and sleep elsewhere for a couple of nights until it gets up to sleepable temp…or…get a new bed.  I’m so torn.  The waterbed is a little uncomfortable … with our increasing old age poundage, I was uncomfortable because my behind was hitting the bottom of the bed…so he put more water in it…not a little but (note the irritation) put a LOT of water in much that the bed rails won’t stay on…it’s comfy when I’m in there alone but as soon as “he” gets in…I feel I have to hang on to something so I don’t shoot off into the wall…I was going to complain about the over loaded water but knew this would just irritate him and he would probably make me suck on the hose to empty it out…you do understand my meaning there, I hope.  When you drain the bed, you have to suck the water up the hose so it will flow when you throw the hose out the window…similar to syphoning gas from a car – although I haven’t had to do that either….

We would probably save enough money each month to pay for a new bed not having to pay the electric bill to keep the waterbed warm…ya…that would be a good reason to go for a new one.

I’m quite torn…will let you know what we decide because I know that your life is basically going to be on hold until He and She make this decision…so we won’t take too long.  In fact, we will probably go today…I took tonight off so we will be free to shop…I so don’t want to do this!!!

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Before I forget, here’s the Baroness site..she is the one I told you about in Chicago.  It is very uplifting for me and I want to cry for her because you can just read in her words how much better she feels about herself.

I know with age, I have become a lot less tolerant…oh the regular everyday aquaintance probably doesn’t know it…but if you cross me with B.S. often, you know….and I’m trying to figure out what is going on with my volunteer personality.  I can remember when I was pretty young, I told my folks that I wanted to do some volunteering and my folks both gave me negative feedback…my dad especially said I needed to make money more than I needed to volunteer…but the need to do my part didn’t leave me.  I feel like I’ve been a good little volunteer over the years and have put out lots of energy for things that I hold dear and that are important to me.  But the give until you hurt mentality is going away…I don’t know for sure whether it is that or if I’m just becoming more choosy about my time…I think it has a little to do with this:  if I can’t get in there and really submerge  myself, I lose interest…and I like to have a modest amount of control in my volunteering…I don’t need to be in charge, I just need some control..seems that if I’m just going to do what everyone tells me..then I might as well get another job and get paid for it….I’ve wondered also if I’m just tired…I think about sitting around and working on my hobbies more than I have a desire to volunteer and do things out in the public..I don’t think that is wrong but it is different for me.  I know my job has burned me out because I have no tolerance at all for the bad things people do to one another…no tolerance for not being responsible for your own actions…no tolerance for bullys and/or people who won’t stand up for themselves and have to have someone else solve their problems.

I’m just burned out…that is probably all it is.  I’m 53..certainly don’t feel that I’m near the grave, God willing, but maybe it is just time to take some Nina time for Nina?

Can you relate?

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This heat and humidity is killing me.  But I’m sick of the rain too.  With the rain, usually comes cooler temps..but I’m not willing to give up the sun.  Like I have anything to do with it.  FACT:  it is cooler from the lake breeze off Lake Michigan if you are lucky enough to be in chicago.  What a trip.  I had a wonderful drive over…A lot of people were surprised that I would hop in the car and go on a drive to the CITY by myself.  I love it.  This is taking nothing away from HIM because I love our car trips too.  I had a Chicago, Boston, Survivor, Second Chapter of Acts and Ronnie Milsap concert in the car all of the way with pieces of Sirius radio thrown in because I needed to hear some of those songs…like  I SAW HALEY’S COMET…TELL MY MOTHER, TELL MY FATHER….hmmmm like that song, learned something. 

The meet up was fun.  I immediately liked Mary Beth and Erin.  I already knew Tracy and she is a prize.  Erin and Tracy have a sister sassiness between them that I really enjoyed…especially in the car.

Mary Beth’s husband Craig does not fit the stereotype in my perceived man bashing blog of a few weeks ago.  Craig is soft spoken, very giving and gracious and patient and adores Mary Beth although I’m here to tell you, that feeling is mutual.  This man drove his wife and her new 3 crazy friends around Chicago at night…which I might include meant circling the block several times to see Harpo studios and Oprah’s Chicago residence.  Then took the next day off work to chauffer us around Chicago…hanging out at Navy Pier by himself so we could enjoy it without having to deal with the traffic and parking.  Then a trip around Chicago guiding us with his words about the history of Chicago.  One of the nicest places was the Osaka Japanese Gardens at Jackson Park…the site of the Worlds Fair in the late 1800’s.  I came home and read up on Wikipedia about the fair because he really piqued my interest. 

I had a great time…I think we plan to do it next year also although the meet up will be in a different location…and we will bring husbands 🙂

It was wonderful to get home…although having so much time to think and plan changes probably isn’t good.  He’s going to be rolling his eyes as I start with …. I’ve got an idea.  Usually he takes shelter because he knows this can never be good coming from my lips.

Back to work tonight….I’ve had some great days off, so the thought of going back to work doesn’t sound that horrible…until 2301 hrs…

By the way, if you don’t subscribe to stixandstonz, take a trip over there today.  I really enjoyed her blog.

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Miserable….just miserable

For crying out loud…it is hot…but it’s not the heat, it is the humidity…the old Iowa chant.  Goodness…the windows are even fogged over in the house…it is June….JUNE…if this continues what will the dog days of August be like. 

This was one of those weeks from hell at work also…seems like the heat exploded brain cells all over – or the flock was getting into the bubbly…I’m just glad it is over….

I’m off to Chicago in the morning to meet 3 xanga friends…I am anticipating a wonderful girlfriend adventure….

Thanks Mskimba for working on my Farm Town on Facebook..I’ll be checking in every day because I’m taking my 19th century laptop…He is home alone with the critters…so….

Until next time….

I got a spanking

Let’s start out with my last blog about men.  I received some positive feedback from quite a few xanga friends.  I did not intend for the writings to be viewed as man-hater, man bashing, feminist BS.  I merely intended it to be a topic that I was feeling strongly about at the moment.  Women are not equal with men yet.  Some women overstep their bounds when it comes to equality.  Men, while thinking they are the strong creatures of our society have one fatal flaw and that is God’s design which men made into their second brain that has evolved into their most useful brain.  These were all my opinions…I stand by them.  My daughters took exception to this blog.  They thought I came across as a man bashing, extremist and didn’t think I presented both side of the issue.  I gave their comments a lot of thought and I did understand where they were coming from…we also discussed the difference in generations and how they view and how I view life in general…they are concerned because a few of their friends actually read my blog and hate the way this reflects on them … their mother’s rantings…I maintain this is my blog, these are my thoughts and if you don’t agree with me or if it is too painful to read…stop reading it…both girls said this might be their option.  They also are concerned that I also publish this blog on Facebook….I, once again, understand their position…but I don’t think they understand mine.  This is my blog..these are my thoughts…if they feel this blog reflects on them in a negative manner, then they need to deal with it.  It is not like I’m revealing embarrassing details …. or any details, for that matter, about them or their personal lives…. I am pretty sure their friends don’t take anything I say to heart anymore than they do things I say to them in person.  I am the mother not their peer.  This is not about them..this is my blog.  I like to blog.  I’m 53 years old and if I want to write down my thoughts in blog form then that is what I’m going to do.  Readers don’t have to agree and the ones that don’t are welcome to tell me why.  I welcome different ideas.  Just like the disagreement with my girls…I listened to them, I evaluated their opinion and made a decision to continue.  So be it.

Until next time….



I am probably a bit skewed because the majority of my opinions are formed from years of working with men in a profession dominated by men.…it seems every day of my life.  I really believe that the gender of your co-workers has a big impact on your life.   I also want to qualify the opinion I am about to share by saying that I’m speaking in generalities – every man I know is different, every woman I know is different.


I feel sorry for men.  I especially feel sorry for baby boomer men.  I feel sorry for men who have been raised by baby boomer men…I actually feel sorrier for the women involved with these male children of baby boomers.  For the most part, men spend a lot of time thinking of genitals..theirs and every woman who passes in their field of vision.  This must be terribly distracting.  Men also think they are in charge, must be the leader, must know how to do anything and everything…men seldom are able to let their emotions show and I think this may be where a lot of  anger and rage surfaces.  Men have to always be aware of their inadequacies in front of other men and in front of women…back to that genital thing…how do men have a solid thought in their head when every few minutes, the genital thing surfaces..then there are those baby boomer men who are taught that they have to take care of the little woman….in reality, this I feel probably should be the balance of nature intended in the beginning.  But, these men even have to take care of women who choose to work side by side with men; how often do men think they have to do her job also on top of his because he needs to protect the woman. Their image has to be so screwed up by the media and especially television…if the male doesn’t fit the Hollywood model of a real man, he is  portrayed as a pansy ass drooler or bumbling buffoon.  Why would anyone want to be a man…


Bring on the woman.  Women are the stronger sex…no doubt about it…I believe that if women sat out for 7 days just doing all the woman things men find contemptable about us…we would be practicing a middle east religion and speaking Arabic, keeping our faces covered…behind every good man is a woman…where would men be and where would men get their supposed power if they didn’t have a woman assisting, leading or helping him.  Think of every subordinate position in our lives that are staffed by women…now imagine men able to do anything without that woman doing the work in the subordinate position.  When I was entering womanhood, it was called those nasty words, Women’s lib.  Now in 2009, women are still fighting to be equal to men…equality, I think, is rhetorical.  I think women should be able to do what every woman wants to do.  If woman wants to fit into the subordinate roll…great…if woman wants to be president – great…there should be no ceiling for individuals regardless of their genitals.  This “slight” to women does exist due to the heaping on of attention when a woman meets the news.  No different than a black man now being president….a female Hispanic for the supreme court, if women were given their due, this would not be newsworthy, we would be talking about her qualifications rather than her gender and lineage …that is if we were all equal…equal in whose eyes…   They are only as powerful as we allow them to be.


If you disagree with me, I want to hear about it and especially want to hear why you disagree; and, if I have irritated you, I want to hear what you have to say about it.  In spite of it all, I maintain it is better to be a woman today than to be a man.


Until next time….


The pop-up is sold and I like the people who bought it…when I was going inside with them, I had that sick feeling like – do I really want to sell it…OF COURSE I DO.

Phil has the new camper in the shop – hopefully to fix my nice if I got a sweet new matress out of it…

His truck is in the shop with a manifold gasket problem – whatever that is.

I’m unbelievable optimistic about life tonight even though I have 5 more days of work left….what is up with that.  Looks like the rain may be gone for us…sorry to gloat you dearys over east…

Stay safe, everyone

Until next time….

Just stuff

It is raining this morning..just a slight drizzle..that would be okay but someone was going to come look at the pop-up today.  He got home from work this morning and “popped” it up..obviously in the rain because his raincoat is hanging on the back of the kitchen chair. 

Today is Katy’s 22nd birthday… I went into labor with her while folding clothes and watching Johnny Carson…Happy Birthday, Bug.

We had a great time at Bennett Spring last week.  He didn’t catch any fish but then he wasn’t in the stream very much.  We hit antique stores 2 days and the afternoon of the last day..he had intentions to fish when we got home that day, but we took too long looking around and I gave him the option of bbq at Ollies or hotdogs around the fire and he chose Ollies and no fishing over hot dogs…what’s up with that 🙂



The little sewing rocker in the foreground was one of my best buys..the first day we traveled se of Bennett to visit another state park with a trout the way, I was about to chew off his arm from hunger so we stopped at a little “cafe” in a little “town” this side of nowhere…I posted pictures on Facebook..although the one thing no one might have noticed is in the window right beside me was a cardboard of Terro…I have to say there were no ants 🙂

We took Frannie and Sierra…

IMG_1513 IMG_1523 IMG_1519

I think they had more fun that it appears…but they were ready to get home….


I don’t think she’s smiling there..I think she is saying..okay..enough of the pictures, maw…

One little issue with the new camper.  My bed which is on the front has at some point taken on water…and it may have been just a little at a time thing…but everynight it got more uncomfortable…he finally pulled my mattress up to find that it was rotting thru in one place…this was just the bed..the structure of the trailer was still good…he’s taking it to Des Moines on Monday for repair…

That is it for now…guess I will go up and scrapbook….

Until next time….