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It is raining this morning..just a slight drizzle..that would be okay but someone was going to come look at the pop-up today.  He got home from work this morning and “popped” it up..obviously in the rain because his raincoat is hanging on the back of the kitchen chair. 

Today is Katy’s 22nd birthday… I went into labor with her while folding clothes and watching Johnny Carson…Happy Birthday, Bug.

We had a great time at Bennett Spring last week.  He didn’t catch any fish but then he wasn’t in the stream very much.  We hit antique stores 2 days and the afternoon of the last day..he had intentions to fish when we got home that day, but we took too long looking around and I gave him the option of bbq at Ollies or hotdogs around the fire and he chose Ollies and no fishing over hot dogs…what’s up with that 🙂



The little sewing rocker in the foreground was one of my best buys..the first day we traveled se of Bennett to visit another state park with a trout stream..one the way, I was about to chew off his arm from hunger so we stopped at a little “cafe” in a little “town” this side of nowhere…I posted pictures on Facebook..although the one thing no one might have noticed is in the window right beside me was a cardboard of Terro…I have to say there were no ants 🙂

We took Frannie and Sierra…

IMG_1513 IMG_1523 IMG_1519

I think they had more fun that it appears…but they were ready to get home….


I don’t think she’s smiling there..I think she is saying..okay..enough of the pictures, maw…

One little issue with the new camper.  My bed which is on the front has at some point taken on water…and it may have been just a little at a time thing…but everynight it got more uncomfortable…he finally pulled my mattress up to find that it was rotting thru in one place…this was just the bed..the structure of the trailer was still good…he’s taking it to Des Moines on Monday for repair…

That is it for now…guess I will go up and scrapbook….

Until next time….



6 thoughts on “Just stuff

  1. Excellent pics!  Cool little camper and awesome rocker!  The doggies probably love the camping too right? 


  2. What great pics! I want to be there!Add me on Facebook….Betsy Roy Millerxo, QE


  3. Don’t know how I missed this???  Eh…maybe because it was under a tarp on Saturday.I hope Katy had a great birthday!The chair is lovely!  We like to antique.  We don’t really buy too much but it is fun to look.@tracy – Whoa — two weeks.  I sort of lost track of time.  How exciting!


  4. Happy Birthday Katey.Peaceful looking campsite esepcially with the sun shining down through the trees.  Beautiful spring.  Did you swim in it or is the current moving to fast?Dogs look like they had fun.Great photos.


  5. it sounds like you had a wonderful time.  The rocker looks even nicer from a distance!  You can really see the unique geometry of it.  Gorgeous.  Two Weeks!


  6. I’m glad you had a good time at the park.  What a shame about your bed, though.  I guess you’ll have to get a new bed, in addition to getting the leak fixed.Kathi


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