The pop-up is sold and I like the people who bought it…when I was going inside with them, I had that sick feeling like – do I really want to sell it…OF COURSE I DO.

Phil has the new camper in the shop – hopefully to fix my nice if I got a sweet new matress out of it…

His truck is in the shop with a manifold gasket problem – whatever that is.

I’m unbelievable optimistic about life tonight even though I have 5 more days of work left….what is up with that.  Looks like the rain may be gone for us…sorry to gloat you dearys over east…

Stay safe, everyone

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “YEA

  1. Yay!  One less thing to do now!  If I was closer I would have snagged it.  W and I were talking about camping again just last weekend.  But – then again – going out on the boat is a little like camping.  It’s our little camper on the water really.   


  2. So happy you sold the pop up and  hope you have a long summer of enjoying the new camper.


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