I am probably a bit skewed because the majority of my opinions are formed from years of working with men in a profession dominated by men.…it seems every day of my life.  I really believe that the gender of your co-workers has a big impact on your life.   I also want to qualify the opinion I am about to share by saying that I’m speaking in generalities – every man I know is different, every woman I know is different.


I feel sorry for men.  I especially feel sorry for baby boomer men.  I feel sorry for men who have been raised by baby boomer men…I actually feel sorrier for the women involved with these male children of baby boomers.  For the most part, men spend a lot of time thinking of genitals..theirs and every woman who passes in their field of vision.  This must be terribly distracting.  Men also think they are in charge, must be the leader, must know how to do anything and everything…men seldom are able to let their emotions show and I think this may be where a lot of  anger and rage surfaces.  Men have to always be aware of their inadequacies in front of other men and in front of women…back to that genital thing…how do men have a solid thought in their head when every few minutes, the genital thing surfaces..then there are those baby boomer men who are taught that they have to take care of the little woman….in reality, this I feel probably should be the balance of nature intended in the beginning.  But, these men even have to take care of women who choose to work side by side with men; how often do men think they have to do her job also on top of his because he needs to protect the woman. Their image has to be so screwed up by the media and especially television…if the male doesn’t fit the Hollywood model of a real man, he is  portrayed as a pansy ass drooler or bumbling buffoon.  Why would anyone want to be a man…


Bring on the woman.  Women are the stronger sex…no doubt about it…I believe that if women sat out for 7 days just doing all the woman things men find contemptable about us…we would be practicing a middle east religion and speaking Arabic, keeping our faces covered…behind every good man is a woman…where would men be and where would men get their supposed power if they didn’t have a woman assisting, leading or helping him.  Think of every subordinate position in our lives that are staffed by women…now imagine men able to do anything without that woman doing the work in the subordinate position.  When I was entering womanhood, it was called those nasty words, Women’s lib.  Now in 2009, women are still fighting to be equal to men…equality, I think, is rhetorical.  I think women should be able to do what every woman wants to do.  If woman wants to fit into the subordinate roll…great…if woman wants to be president – great…there should be no ceiling for individuals regardless of their genitals.  This “slight” to women does exist due to the heaping on of attention when a woman meets the news.  No different than a black man now being president….a female Hispanic for the supreme court, if women were given their due, this would not be newsworthy, we would be talking about her qualifications rather than her gender and lineage …that is if we were all equal…equal in whose eyes…   They are only as powerful as we allow them to be.


If you disagree with me, I want to hear about it and especially want to hear why you disagree; and, if I have irritated you, I want to hear what you have to say about it.  In spite of it all, I maintain it is better to be a woman today than to be a man.


Until next time….

12 thoughts on “Men

  1. @Neppykate – @Ninasusan – Who is Neppykate? I think I have really offended someone without meaning to?  Nina – do you know Neppykate?  I never insinuated that men had to open doors.  I just referred to an article that stated that men had no idea what to do anymore.  I don’t expect any man other than my husband to open my door.  And he does it for me because I am a germophobe.  I always hold doors for people and will open doors for people who seem like can use a hand.Neppykate – I can’t speak for anyone else but for me this was a lighthearted discussion.  In no way did I mean to offend you.


  2. @skanickadee – is that really a necessary thing that men should always do? I mean, it is great to be polite, but why do men have to get in trouble for not opening a door? I may get upset if anyone slams a door in my face, but I have very few expectations when it comes to door holding.Also, men may say a lot of untrue things, but this is a characteristic that I find in myself. I think it is more of a security issue than a gender issue. I want to be thought of as smart, and for some reason I never learned that being wrong is OK.  Also, I can tell you iambusy that I am the one least likely to make a call and must be pushed by my boyfriend.  I know we’re all speaking in generalization here, but many of the things you’re all pointing out about men are characteristics that I find in myself, and I bet most of you do, too. For some reason, pointing out the flaws in the opposite sex makes everyone feel better about themselves.


  3. You say that behind every good man is a woman. Well, behind every man, good and ‘bad,’ there is a fucked up woman who has control and personality issues. You can feel sorry for them all that you want, but there is no reason to feel sorry for a person for being what they are. I would never feel sorry for a man born in China because of his nationality, nor would I feel sorry for someone who is born with Downs Syndrome. These are conditions of life, not ailments that should bring about sorrow.In my opinion, there is no dominant sex, nor should there ever be. What an unjust world it is to have a dominant sex! Women should know how wrong that is, but instead of trying to become equals, some women push to become greater than men. I never would argue that women are still not considered equal in society today, but to believe that there is someone out there better than someone else is questionable.  Once (the collective) you believe you’re better than someone else, you’re immediately below them.I don’t think that men think about genitals any more than women do. This is just a societal thing that people believe because it’s always been said. Sure, men probably act more on these thoughts, but we’re all human. There is no reason to feel sorry for someone because they have thoughts more often than you do. You say that men think they are in charge and are the leaders. Is this different from how you view yourself?  And are men the only ones who have to live up to a certain image? I would love to point out that millions of women become anorexic because of the images that they feel they must uphold for society. This is a problem that both sexes deal with.I think, since you brought up Islam and the arabic world, that if a man today was without his woman, he may just stop going to church all together. Women these days seem to be the driving force in their families going to church and believing what you should.  I think if men were without women, in the aspect of organized religion, we may live without it, and what a peaceful world that would be!! Everyone would keep their own beliefs to themselves and practice in a private and spiritual way. This is an assumption, of course. We could all end up in a cult and commit suice, too. Who knows.I’m glad that you are a woman and not a man.  You are a lucky to be a part of a group that you are proud of and that you feel are superior. I could argue why it would be easier to be a man, but I think that’s not needed. It is great that you have thought this out and have come to a conclusion. My argument that this is ‘man-bashing” as you put it is that feeling sorry for any group of people is wrong in my opinion.  We may have sympathy for cetain struggles and events, but it is just as offensive, in my opinion, to man-bash as it is to feel sorry for someone because of who they are.  This is very against peace, love, and kumbaya and everything I believe in.


  4. I’ve written two posts on another blog how I feel about this stuff.  I have everything turned off over there, including comments, but that didn’t stop people from messaging me to thank me profusely.  Btw, Glenn Beck and Gary Graham have both seen my blog, among others, so you’d be surprised who actually knows what is on the internet.  bluejacky- I think men are coolGlenn Beck on The ViewAnother btw– I can’t stop thinking about sex either, and I’m not a man.


  5. Very well put. I agree whole heartedly. Behind every man who cannot or will not use a telephone, stands a woman to make the call for him. (Just a pet peave of mine)


  6. Disagree with you?  Oh hell no!!  You are right on!


  7. @suzyQ_darnit – That is so true!  But in some ways I think women do the “I think” thing because otherwise they are looked at like they are some kind of know it all.Yes, a lot of times I hear a man make some kind of statement and you know it isn’t true.  Most of the time it isn’t worth the effort to call him on it. 


  8. I think it is hard to be a man.  I remember reading that a man has so many more sexual thoughts a day than a woman.  It’s a wonder that they get anything done!I was just reading an article about chivalry and how guys have no idea when to be polite and open a door lest some woman gets mad at them.


  9. It would be so much more exciting if we could disagree with you.  But, you’re right!  I’ve always worked in companies that are 98% male.  And aside from the whole pay inequality, it is much easier to be me, than to be them. 🙂


  10. It took me a very long time before I realized that many times when a man makes a statement about something, what he will say is not somethimg he actually knows, maybe; he will just say it as a statement, and so people tend to take it at face value. A woman might preface the same statement with the words, “I think”, or some such qualifier.   These days I am often biting my tongue when I hear one of these “pronouncements” (especially if I know it’s not correct.  I want to say, “how do you KNOW that?!”


  11. Excellent!  Well said! Good job!


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