I got a spanking

Let’s start out with my last blog about men.  I received some positive feedback from quite a few xanga friends.  I did not intend for the writings to be viewed as man-hater, man bashing, feminist BS.  I merely intended it to be a topic that I was feeling strongly about at the moment.  Women are not equal with men yet.  Some women overstep their bounds when it comes to equality.  Men, while thinking they are the strong creatures of our society have one fatal flaw and that is God’s design which men made into their second brain that has evolved into their most useful brain.  These were all my opinions…I stand by them.  My daughters took exception to this blog.  They thought I came across as a man bashing, extremist and didn’t think I presented both side of the issue.  I gave their comments a lot of thought and I did understand where they were coming from…we also discussed the difference in generations and how they view and how I view life in general…they are concerned because a few of their friends actually read my blog and hate the way this reflects on them … their mother’s rantings…I maintain this is my blog, these are my thoughts and if you don’t agree with me or if it is too painful to read…stop reading it…both girls said this might be their option.  They also are concerned that I also publish this blog on Facebook….I, once again, understand their position…but I don’t think they understand mine.  This is my blog..these are my thoughts…if they feel this blog reflects on them in a negative manner, then they need to deal with it.  It is not like I’m revealing embarrassing details …. or any details, for that matter, about them or their personal lives…. I am pretty sure their friends don’t take anything I say to heart anymore than they do things I say to them in person.  I am the mother not their peer.  This is not about them..this is my blog.  I like to blog.  I’m 53 years old and if I want to write down my thoughts in blog form then that is what I’m going to do.  Readers don’t have to agree and the ones that don’t are welcome to tell me why.  I welcome different ideas.  Just like the disagreement with my girls…I listened to them, I evaluated their opinion and made a decision to continue.  So be it.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “I got a spanking

  1. I agree with  DuckLordsOfTheSith.  I didn’t think you had done any male bashing at all and enjoyed the post you are mentioning.


  2. I totally agree that your blog is your territory.  I’ve had to stand my ground a couple of times with people telling me what to do after I’d written something.  I thought it was cool that you asked for opinions though, hardly ever see that.  =)  If I need to do any Scott bashing, I keep it on a private blog.  *His* mommy used to get a little grumpy when I Iet off steam.    (He’ll be 53 this July.)  I decided I needed to gripe in peace.


  3. SOB!  I just erased my whole comment! Let’s try this again.Neener; I was going to say I was surprised by your girls reaction, but then I realized that my beautiful intelligent daughter might react the same way.  They don’t always see their moms as other people do.  We are held to a slightly different standard. I did not think it was a man hating woman libbery diatribe.  I thought it had the potential to spark a conversation.  Which apparently it did, with your daughters. 🙂@skanickadee – @Ninasusan – What day will you be at the hotel?  Will you remind me of your/our plans?  My lovely sister and I will be coming in on Sunday and then we’re going to go find the Trader Joes and stock up on crap food and maybe some wine, and then hole up in our sweet little hotel and giggle and watch tv while playing on our respective computers.  That is our one and only plan so far.  We will be staying in the hotel for three nights, or until the food & wine runs out. Which ever comes first! 


  4. @skanickadee – that was  brought up but made no difference to their opinion…what surprised me most was both of these girls are liberal in belief and would not believe in censorship in any other medium…I feel they took it too seriously and just wish they would lighten up 🙂


  5. You know I think each generation of women see life from a different vantage point.  I think a woman of 80 has different point of view than someone who is 50 and a 20 year old sees things differently than a woman of 50.I think women in their 20s have it so much easier than previous generations.  I don’t think everything is easy for them and there are still challenges out there but they don’t get how hard it was for older women when they were entering the work world.  There is more pay equality, there is less harassment — a lot of roads were paved by older generations of women.  Were your daughters really embarrassed by that entry?  Did they not see that all those women of a certain age were in general agreement?


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