Miserable….just miserable

For crying out loud…it is hot…but it’s not the heat, it is the humidity…the old Iowa chant.  Goodness…the windows are even fogged over in the house…it is June….JUNE…if this continues what will the dog days of August be like. 

This was one of those weeks from hell at work also…seems like the heat exploded brain cells all over – or the flock was getting into the bubbly…I’m just glad it is over….

I’m off to Chicago in the morning to meet 3 xanga friends…I am anticipating a wonderful girlfriend adventure….

Thanks Mskimba for working on my Farm Town on Facebook..I’ll be checking in every day because I’m taking my 19th century laptop…He is home alone with the critters…so….

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Miserable….just miserable

  1. How exciting to be going to Chicago to meet up with three Xanga friends.  Hope you all had a great time.


  2. Humidity!  Ick!  The new office I’m in is on the lower floor and it’s rained non stop here forever – and the doors are open because the building is also undergoing renovations – so everything is wet. My printer keeps getting jammed and everything is curling up.  Including my hair!  I like the hair part though….I hope we’re cranking about heat soon!  Sorry it’s uncomfortable though….  Oh! Have so much fun on your trip!


  3. Hi Nina!  Ack I am so excited!I hate this weather, too!  Too yucky and you are right if this is June what will August be like?Can’t wait to see you!


  4. Yes, we are really having a midwest heatwave!  It was in the nineties in K.C. today, and will be even higher tomorrow.  I hope you will have a wonderful time meeting Xanga pals!Kathi


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