This heat and humidity is killing me.  But I’m sick of the rain too.  With the rain, usually comes cooler temps..but I’m not willing to give up the sun.  Like I have anything to do with it.  FACT:  it is cooler from the lake breeze off Lake Michigan if you are lucky enough to be in chicago.  What a trip.  I had a wonderful drive over…A lot of people were surprised that I would hop in the car and go on a drive to the CITY by myself.  I love it.  This is taking nothing away from HIM because I love our car trips too.  I had a Chicago, Boston, Survivor, Second Chapter of Acts and Ronnie Milsap concert in the car all of the way with pieces of Sirius radio thrown in because I needed to hear some of those songs…like  I SAW HALEY’S COMET…TELL MY MOTHER, TELL MY FATHER….hmmmm like that song, learned something. 

The meet up was fun.  I immediately liked Mary Beth and Erin.  I already knew Tracy and she is a prize.  Erin and Tracy have a sister sassiness between them that I really enjoyed…especially in the car.

Mary Beth’s husband Craig does not fit the stereotype in my perceived man bashing blog of a few weeks ago.  Craig is soft spoken, very giving and gracious and patient and adores Mary Beth although I’m here to tell you, that feeling is mutual.  This man drove his wife and her new 3 crazy friends around Chicago at night…which I might include meant circling the block several times to see Harpo studios and Oprah’s Chicago residence.  Then took the next day off work to chauffer us around Chicago…hanging out at Navy Pier by himself so we could enjoy it without having to deal with the traffic and parking.  Then a trip around Chicago guiding us with his words about the history of Chicago.  One of the nicest places was the Osaka Japanese Gardens at Jackson Park…the site of the Worlds Fair in the late 1800’s.  I came home and read up on Wikipedia about the fair because he really piqued my interest. 

I had a great time…I think we plan to do it next year also although the meet up will be in a different location…and we will bring husbands 🙂

It was wonderful to get home…although having so much time to think and plan changes probably isn’t good.  He’s going to be rolling his eyes as I start with …. I’ve got an idea.  Usually he takes shelter because he knows this can never be good coming from my lips.

Back to work tonight….I’ve had some great days off, so the thought of going back to work doesn’t sound that horrible…until 2301 hrs…

By the way, if you don’t subscribe to stixandstonz, take a trip over there today.  I really enjoyed her blog.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Life

  1. That sounds like a fantastic trip!  So neat that you guys could meet and have such fun!  Great for y’all!  


  2. How very cool that you all had such a good time together.  Xanga people are the best people.Thank you for your kind words about my site:)Have a good day at work and I hoep the sunshines on you this week end.


  3. Nina thank you for your kind words about Craig.  I am glad you are brave enough to drive over otherwise this fun few days wouldn’t have been possible.


  4. @tracy – I really enjoyed you and Erin, too.  I did a little vicarious living through you and Erin while you were here.  I always wanted a sister and it was fun being with you two.


  5. I’ve been called a lot of things, but I think you’re the first one to ever call me a prize.:)  Erin and I worry sometimes about peoples reaction to us when we’re together.  I’m glad you were okay with us.Tell him that Change is Good!


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