Goodbye Waterbed?

Good Grief…I think we may do it this time…he wants to get a grown up bed.  We have discussed this topic so many times and I have even blogged and asked other people’s opinions on what the right bed is…there IS NOT A RIGHT BED.  We have slept on the same waterbed nearly our entire 30 years of marriage.  I say nearly because we did have to buy a new bladder once because we “sprang a hole”.

A few days ago we were both upstairs and were surprised about how hot it was in our bedroom…haha…and that’s the truth.  For some reason the air conditioning just wasn’t cutting it…then a couple of nights later, I crawled into bed and it was HOT…when my legs went under the sheet, I knew something was wrong…sure enough the heater control had fallen off the bed and was running on high and would not shut he unplugged it.  We slept on the bed for 2 nights (our nights – really days) without a waterbed heater…we have two options…buy a new heater which will cause lots of grief because we will have to empty the bladder to get the old heater out and the new heater in…then refill the bed and sleep elsewhere for a couple of nights until it gets up to sleepable temp…or…get a new bed.  I’m so torn.  The waterbed is a little uncomfortable … with our increasing old age poundage, I was uncomfortable because my behind was hitting the bottom of the bed…so he put more water in it…not a little but (note the irritation) put a LOT of water in much that the bed rails won’t stay on…it’s comfy when I’m in there alone but as soon as “he” gets in…I feel I have to hang on to something so I don’t shoot off into the wall…I was going to complain about the over loaded water but knew this would just irritate him and he would probably make me suck on the hose to empty it out…you do understand my meaning there, I hope.  When you drain the bed, you have to suck the water up the hose so it will flow when you throw the hose out the window…similar to syphoning gas from a car – although I haven’t had to do that either….

We would probably save enough money each month to pay for a new bed not having to pay the electric bill to keep the waterbed warm…ya…that would be a good reason to go for a new one.

I’m quite torn…will let you know what we decide because I know that your life is basically going to be on hold until He and She make this decision…so we won’t take too long.  In fact, we will probably go today…I took tonight off so we will be free to shop…I so don’t want to do this!!!

Until next time…..

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Waterbed?

  1. Oh man you reminded me when I was married to my second husband and he had a waterbed he would not give up and so I learned how to sleep in it.   It sprung a leak and we had to patch it which meant draining it with a hose hanging out of the bedroom window into the yard and helping push the remaining water out by hand. after it had been patched.  Then came the joy of refilling it and having to get the air bubbles out.  Holy crap that was a job.  The we got it to full and like you I felt like I was going to be bounced right out when he got in bed.I do not miss him or that dang waterbed:)


  2. Uh-oh, I’m going the other direction.  We had a waterbed for years and years.  About 8 years ago I got rid of the waterbed and switched to a pillowtop.  Loved it alot for the first few months but I think I would go back to the waterbed if I had to buy another one.  We had the same overflow problem as you.  Corey would get in and the rails and me would go out!  Just last week he said for the first tim that he missed the waterbed.  Now I’m thinking about it.    It’ll be funny if you switch to a regular mattress and I switch back to a waterbed.


  3. Also “mattresses” – I can spell, but I cannot type.


  4. Oh, and we never had a heater – we have a thick foam layer on top so we never semed to need one.


  5. Also “tilting”.  Sheesh


  6. This could almost have been my post!  We have a soft-sided waterbed, but lately I have been noticing a bit of..inequity…in the water distribution.  I personally ascribe it to tiliting floors.I have a lot of trouble with regular matresses, though.Do let us know what you discover!


  7. We had a water bed years ago.  Personally, I like a regular bed much better.  The water bed bothered my back, and I was just a young pup then!  Good luck with whatever you decide to do!Kathi


  8. Good luck with bed hunting.  That is a big change.  I’ve never slept in a water bed so I have no idea what that is like.  I hope you can find something that you both find super comfy!


  9. Oh Nina……..We still have our waterbed, and we’re on the third  bladder since 1980. The last time we replaced it was because the heater finally quit working. I could relate to your whole story tho and if faced with your situation again I am not sure what I would do.  Beds have come along way over the years but it would be hard for me to give up the ol’ water bed.  If I had to choose somthing different, I would probably go for one of the those sleep number (his/her settings) – I hear they are great.  Will be anxiously waiting for the decision.  HA!


  10. Good luck with that!I (we) had a waterbed for years and years!  I couldn’t fathom getting a “real” bed.  We got a really nice sealy pillow top and I really love it.  Now I can’t imagine going back to a water bed!  Odd how that happens! 


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