The bed

Soooo…. from my last posting, the bed questions have been solved.  We decided to go to Des Moines Tuesday night to look for a mattress..I knew there was going to be an issue about what type of bed we came home with. As we seem to have opposite opinions on nearly everything, I knew this was going to be no different..BUT…while on our way, the trailer parts guy called to tell us they had a front bunk for our trailer and it was going to cost us just over $900…that did not include shipping from Michigan…so that made the decision for us…we decided to keep the waterbed for now…we decided to take “someone’s” advice and get a thick pad for it so we might not have to buy a heater…for the last couple of days, he has plugged it in for a short time just to take the chill out and I have been very happy…and I think that is all he really lives for anyway…to assure that I’m happy.  While in Des Moines, I got a wild hair….and decided that I was going to paint the bathroom, I had been wanting to go with a different theme so we went to Lowes…while there, I decided that I really needed to cover up that awful color in the green room aka computer room…the room was aptly named because it had emerald green plush carpet on the floor and I had always painted the walls about the same shade of green…I found a dark green, but knew it wouldn’t go with the carpet soooooo…he knew exactly how to solve that problem…


The old green carpet was 23 years old….that way I was able to get the paint that I wanted…he did all of the trim painting for me because he thinks I’m a dirty painter…which I don’t disagree…but I think it you can’t go to work for a week with evidence of your new paint job, then why  bother painting.

IMG_1766 IMG_1763

I had thought I would paint the bathroom and the “green” room the same color so we cleaned our brush and roller along the black line that I had him paint when I decided I wanted a pepto bismal pink bathroom…figured it would take a couple of coats to cover the solid black line….and then I cleaned my roller on the rest of the walls and decided it was just too dark for the now my bathroom wall looks like this….

IMG_1764 IMG_1765

and now I HAVE to pick out a new color and paint the bathroom…decisions, decisions.

So..that is what I’ve been doing….

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “The bed

  1. Nice!  I like the green a lot!  My bathroom is a few different swatches and I haven’t yet decided on what to paint it – 10 years later…….  Good Lord I’m a slug!


  2. Oh, I like the new color…and I LOVE the new floor!  I think I have the same towel fixture in my bathroom!  I went with gray on the walls.  I thought it would be good to have a nuetral so I could change towel colors and such, but gray is tricky.  So much of it is really blue – ish.


  3. It’s late and I’m slow — did you get a new wood floor?I like the green.  Very nice!When we moved in, the bathroom had pepto pink plastic wall tile.  That was hideous!It is fun to see your computer area.  Of course, I suppose a lot of your computing is done from work.


  4. Oh the green room is lovely!  Very calm.  The pink & green bathroom, not so much. 🙂


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