Actually my 4th of July was Thursday night, July 2nd.  My work week starts tomorrow on the 4th of July and will continue for 7 days… actually I will be working 10 hours on the 4th of July and while the money will make it quite worthwhile, I must say I hate working the 4th of July due to all of the firecracker calls.  I realize that firecrackers and various other bright, shiny, loud explosions are quite attractive on the 4th and I realize all too well that they are illegal in Iowa but so is speeding and running stop signs and red lights for crying out loud.  Give it a rest people…now if your idiot neighbors are popping firecrackers at 0300 in the morning, call me …but, otherwise let it be…if you are just calling because you want to tattle and get someone in trouble, call someone that cares…and don’t you dare call 911 to report it…knock on hard wood, but I hope to God nothing serious happens tomorrow because the police are going to be stretched pretty thin trying to play father and mother to otherwise unsupervised children or their parents….anyway….

My 2nd of July was wonderful.  Deb and I went to see Yankee Doodle Pops at the State Capitol.


Yankee Doodle Pops is the Des Moines Symphonys annual patriotic concert at the steps of the capitol and this year’s guest singer was Brad Little.  We sat back by the Kybos because we weren’t sure the lay of the land and Deb was on her scooter..but we had our own drum accompaniment with 15 kybos lined up and each had a long line and each had a very strong spring on the door.  We sat next to an older couple and their daughter or a sister…the man was one of those guys who had to sing off key with every song, talk about the foreigners and not even smart enough to shut his trap during the presentation of the colors at the beginning.  I kept my intolerance in check but he’s lucky he didn’t end up run out of town with Deb on her scooter and me with a sharp tongue.  I’m a patriotic softy and had goose bumps starting with the national anthem….and the backdrop of the Iowa State Capitol was breathtaking.

IMG_1750 IMG_1752

Happy Independence Day…Thank God for the land of the free and the brave.

Until next time.

5 thoughts on “WHAT 4TH OF July?

  1. It would have to be exasperating to field very many of those calls – especially because this happens every year – do people forget?


  2. Sounds like you had a great time!  It looks like a beautiful area to see a concert like that.Sounds like a busy week for you.  I hope it goes well and the citizens of your area use their noggins so you don’t have too many calls.Happy 4th!


  3. Glad you had a good time at the performance!  I absolutely love all the patriotic songs, too!  Kathi


  4. That is a beautiful area of Des Moines. We spent quite a while wandering around there.  Sounds like a wonderful time.


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