rusty staple

He has obviously given up on trying to tell me what to do…even for my own good.  I can remember a time, not that long ago, that he would have said…well, put some shoes on.

I’m suffering today from 3 or 4 puncture wounds in my feet from rusty carpet pad staples.  I think back and remember thinking to myself that I should probably put shoes on but did I…well now what do you think.  It was the night he was tearing up carpet in the green room.  He gave me the job of pulling up staples that didn’t come up with the pad…and let me tell you ….anyway back to the matter at hand…I kept sweeping up the debris so I could see what I missed and several times I stepped on staples…one time I recall, the staple was really in my heel and it hurt..but did I put on shoes…well, of course I didn’t.  Kim brought me a container of hot salt water to soak my foot in today..I’m attempting to hold some infection at bay…it’s probably all for naught because I’m not sure when I had my last tetanus shot…I think it was within the last 10 years…probably the night last year when I was in the ER when I tore my knee up running from the burning, falling tree.  Perhaps the lesson I should be learning here is that I”m not making the best choices….

Until next time….unless I didn’t get that tetanus shot…..


3 thoughts on “rusty staple

  1. Girly – you should have gone to get a shot!!!  Keep an eye on them!


  2. Poor Little Nina feet.  I think in sympathy we should all take pictures of our feet and post them for you!  Take care of yourself.


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