Another day shift…and sitting at a different console…it’s like a new job and yet, it isn’t.

Cleaned out file cabinets …..  Our vehicle insurance has gone up $100 since last year.

I have calendars from every year since 1981.  This will make for some good reminiscing for later…or the regurgitation of lots of angst.  I guess just whatever mood I’m in at the time.

I DVR’d the 4th of July show from Boston with Neil Diamond.  I watched just a bleep of it…I feel so bad that he has lost his voice. 

I DVR’d the Independence Day celebration from DC.  I have to say that it was fun watching Barry Manilo do his fun songs,but he really moved me with his patriotic vocals in the end.  I’m just a sucker for patriot music and celebrating our freedom and celebrating those in the armed forces!  I thought our Pres did a wonderful job with his little message.  I can’t get enough of him.  I will be in Washington DC for Independence Day in the near future.  Not sure which year and “he” doesn’t know it yet..but I decided last night that I really need to do it.  I love this heart bursting, teary eyed stuff…

From barely 70 on the 4th of July to hot and humid today…Yup…it is summer in Iowa.  curses.

Until next time…..

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  1. Our car/renters insurance has gone up $64 since last year and we have not even had a claim.  Thier reason is that everything has gone up due to people who do not have insurance and I am wondering what that has to do with mine.  Have a good week this week.


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