Up into the wild blue yonder

We are off to DC for several days.  Our friend, Karen, has been deployed at Walter Reed for about 17 months and is finally getting sprung.  It’s been a long deployment for her but I enjoyed the trip to DC last year to visit…and it will be pure pleasure this year knowing she will be coming home in about a month.  So looking forward to the little vacation for us….and I’ll have my personal warm blooded compass along so I can just meander and “he” will know where we are and how to get back to point “A” again 🙂

Be back Thursday….Until then……



Anyone who works with the public, yet doesn’t get paid enough, raise your hand.  When I’m not working, I know I’m the public also; with that statement, I understand that someone may consider me a moron during certain periods of my day…but people…pulease!!!  None of the foregoing applies to someone injured or in “real” peril. This applies to interstate travel by thousands & thousands of people a day.  If you have ever had a problem being cut off in traffic, please try to remember that you have also cut someone off in traffic,…everyone has seen someone violate the law and everyone has violated the law…DON’T CALL 911….I am unable to give you numbers but I will tell you that a significant part of my 8 hours is answering 911 wireless calls from motorists who have been wronged…not only them but more than likely two dispatchers are tied up on 911 because both sides feel they need to call and complain…I”ve actually told several people that if they feel they are in danger from the ROAD RAGE to pull off at the next exit – wait a moment and then pull back on, thereby immediately difusing the situation…but callers seems to be shocked at the suggestions.  We are not your mothers….and to make this tattle tale phone call, it is possible these otherwise good citizens may be depriving someone who has a real life and death emergency…like their house is on fire or they or someone close to them is choking or having a heart attack.  Please and thank you for letting me vent!!!!!

Until next time….


French Press

Tried the french press tonight…I liked it.  Used regular folgers coffee – tasted like the very first cup of coffee that comes out of the pot on an early, cool morning.  Not sure how much I will use it because it seems like quite a bit of work for 1 cup of coffee.  Work…meaning you can’t just pull the carafe out of the coffee maker – fill your cup and be on your way…It takes boiled water, 3-4 minutes of steeping, pressing the grounds down and then you get your coffee.  Probably should contain a warning that it should not be used for the first cup of coffee of the day 🙂 

Time for bed – back to work tomorrow…you know how much fun that is after a week of vacation.

Until next time…..


Bennett Spring

What a great few days of camping and fishing.  It rained all day Monday, but that just adds to the memories…the boys got to McGuyver us a shelter from the rain.  Brett and Christa, Brett’s dad and Phil caught a lot of fish.  Phil was particularly proud of one rainbow that is included in the group of pictures.  Bennett Spring is one of the prettiest places on earth. 

Phil and I picked up our new coffee table – I’m not really very good with waiting for things.  I had to put this on layaway for 1 month because we couldn’t get it in the blazer last trip.  I was having a little buyer’s remorse until I saw it again.

Glad to be home and back in the swing of things.  I ordered some prints from wisehippie…they were here when I got home.  If you haven’t checked out his xanga site yet, you are missing some beautiful pictures of nature.

Also bought a french press to make coffee after the raving of the daily ground hog http://thedailygroundhog.blogspot.com/ … will try it in the morning.

Until next time…..


Mama hasn’t given up yet!!!!!!

PALMS (3-4) @ STRIKE TEAM (6-1)
Hairy Palms, Aaron Groves55
Marshall’s Strike Team, Brian Marshall90
Quick Box Score | Full Box Score

BOERS (4-3) @ BROWN (2-5)
Iowa Corn Boers, buford butkus93
Team Brown, Nina Brown132
Quick Box Score | Full Box Score

ATRIUM ANGELUS (2-4-1) @ WEEK (1-5-1)
Alkira’s Atrium Angelus, JA Hughes74
BYE WEEK, Craig Douglas74
Quick Box Score | Full Box Score

STANSBURY (5-2) @ SQUAD (4-3)
Team stansbury, dennis stansbury104
Slaughter Squad, Craig Keith67
Quick Box Score | Full Box Score

WHITEBOYS (0-7) @ NINERS (6-1)
Fourth Ave. Whiteboys, Jeremy Dittmer60
One Niners, Patrick Richardson84
Quick Box Score | Full Box Score

WHITE TRASH (5-2) @ DECKER (3-4)
Whippin The White Trash, Brad Shutts74
Team Decker, Jim Decker66
Quick Box Score | Full Box Score

Complaining is BAD

I think it may be finally happening.  I’ve had my c-pap machine (this is the machine that helps me breath at night – breath – not snore – and not be “disturbed” (oh that’s a good one) like 120 times an hour.  They assured me that I don’t have apnea but not getting into a deep sleep…blah blah…now the reason I’m telling you this is because they told me to use it every night (and I do…I’m a believer) but if I happen to get a head cold (if) – I might not be comfortable wearing it…I have had this c-pap machine now for about a year and a half – 2 years and I’ve worn it every night meaning – I haven’t had a head cold.  But…of course, since I started complaining about the weather and feeling mean spirited – I’m getting a head cold.  Now, I know that men are generally known to be real babies when they are sick.  I’m a lucky one…My “he” is not a complainer when he gets sick…so I’m very lucky.  I, on the other hand, always have had the worst head cold ever and know one has ever been as sick as I am at any given moment.  grrrrr  I feel it coming…I think you can always tell the difference between allergy sneezing and head cold sneezing – even when it first starts…in the last hour, I’ve started feeling a swollen nasal passage coming on…but the real indicator that things are about to change is the behavior of senior dog……



What is going on with Sierra …and what exactly is it that made her go into hiding.  I’m surprised one of the other two hasn’t already told her that we can still see her.

Until next time….  aaaaaachooooooo