The new coffee table

IMG_0254 IMG_0253

Here’s a couple pictures of the coffee table….made in the Ozarks.  It would look best in a log cabin type setting but I think it looks fine with the current furniture…Phil had to bring it in on a cart because it is so heavy.


7 thoughts on “The new coffee table

  1. What is that? A broken tree? How insensitive of you! How would you like it if trees used dead humans for furniture? It’s no wonder the trees are mad! Didn’t know that did you? Well they are mad. Next you’ll probably be getting a couple of stuffed squirrels to complete the ensemble. There are probably some homeless ones available now that you have a coffee table. I’m shocked. What will you endanger next?


  2. AWWWW how cool is that! I really like that , I have western decor I’ll take that! I think it looks just great in your place really neat .


  3. Love the rustic coffee table!  The REAL thing. 


  4. Luv the coffee table…Have a chair made from tree trunks…Looks like you have good taste…lol…Hope your family doing well…


  5. I think the table is very cool. I don’t think it is strictly a “log cabin” type piece at all. How fun.


  6. That is an amazing piece of furniture. 


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