Arthritis, Weight Loss and Pieces of Crap

Doctor Clevenger called yesterday to tell me that the xray showed degenerative arthritis in my right knee.  I’m going to stay on track taking the anti-inflammatory and then get back to him next week on how I feel.  He didn’t mention weight loss…bless his heart…or hahahaha maybe he didn’t notice….

Speaking of weight loss.  We met Bob and Deb Cooper for supper last night – Deb unveiled her 35 pound loss when she removed her coat…I know how she is doing it…I know the whys etc…I just want whatever she has that is giving her the umph to do it…We obviously need to get together more in the winter because the 4 of us were talking over each other saying things we hadn’t gotten said in the last month 🙂

….and then Piece of Crap…John Edwards…I watched his former associate last night on 20/20 and recorded nightline…this morning I bought People Mag which featured Elizabeth on the front cover.  It would be bad enough that he did all of this deceitful, dirty crap while running for president of the United States but in light of his wife’s major health problems…he’s just a dirtbag!!  I hope to God America doesn’t forget.

That is it for now…

It’s not that I don’t care…..

I was sitting around this morning watching Housewives of Orange County (I know…lame) that I had recorded the last two weeks and thought of something I felt strongly about so thought I should probably go blog..but didn’t…can’t remember now.  Watched Tim Hasselb-whatever on the View today…he and his arrogant wife traded shows…I’m sure she wasn’t any better on ESPN than he was on The View…I would like to see both of them just go away.

I had to go to the doc because my right knee is has been hurting since October while I was cleaning out Aunt Frances’ apartment.  Doc said..hmmm not good…He sent me for xrays, sent me home with some heavy duty ibuprofin with orders not to go up and down the steps unless I have to…then use my left leg and pretty much drag my right leg.  He’s pretty sure it is a ligamet/cartilage problem…will know more tomorrow..he said maybe a trip to the knee doc again..not necessarily for surgery but some kind of injection…oh ya…that sounds much better…

He and I went to Lowes to take “something” back and so I could find a kitchen faucet…the guy is going to come out tomorrow to cut a template for the granite…we also picked out tile for the bathrooms…we chose a 2 x 2 pieces of real stone in 12 x 12 slabs…It is very similar to what Jenny and Ryan (now Mike and Kim) have in their master bathroom…but with additional colors like rust etc.  I had some special order picked out which ended up being $30 a square…his eyes rolled back in his head, so I picked something else 🙂  Here’s a couple of pictures of the cupboards they finished installing today.  They are cherry – the color is honey spice.

New kitchen 2

New kitchen 1  


I’m not doing anything tonight….I’m going to sit around and watch tv and whine about my knee….

Until next time…and I’m going to try to make the next times closer together….


Get me outta here

It has been nice visiting Rochester over the last year, but get me outta here…Like going home is going to be any better….at least I’ll have my critters and more than 1 room to move around in…  After a pain pill in the middle of the night, he says he is feeling pretty well this morning.  Right now he is pacing so I”m guessing he is feeling the same way that I feel.

Bob Cooper is going thru the same thing because Deb had her gallbladder taken out yesterday….he called last night and said she was doing pretty well.  She was eating chicken noodle soup..go figure..she’s a nurse.  He and I went out for bbq last night 🙂  I’m a doctor…that is for all of you who know the joke….anyway

That’s all I have to write about this morning…

Until next time…..

a happy place

Mayo Clinic – We have spent a lot of time up here…it is a happy place and it is a sad place but most of all, I would say it is a positive place.  The efficiency with which this huge facility operates is astounding…An older gentleman (who obviously hadn’t talked to anyone for awhile) walked up to us and said…you know I was wondering why this place doesn’t have a place to check your coat…then I thought about it – there would not be enough room… It is like a well-oiled machine…the staff and docs make you totally feel like they are glad you are here..they want to help you…they answer your questions before you ask them…you are always handed detailed instructions on what, where and when and the sinage around the entire facility is easily understood.

Yesterday in the elevator, I heard a man say that no one put a gun to his head and made him come here even though the weather is cold here in Minnesota…a woman said – yes..they saved his life – indicating her young son and an older guy standing right ahead of me said..ya…I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for this place.  One other thing…it is beautiful and don’t feel like you should be constantly washing your hands even though there is disinfectant everywhere.

Then there is the guy who talked to us in the waiting room.  His wife was trying to live with cancer…she had gone to her doctor in unnamed city because she was having some wierd reactions to her treatment and the doctor said…well, I can’t cure everything…he says up here..the oncologist said – well, I think we should check that out – there may be something we can do….

It is a sad place because you aren’t seeing folks with headcolds; you are seeing people with limbs missing, people with gray unhealthy skin, women wearing scarves to cover up baldness…you see old people…lots of old people…old men trying to help their old wives and vice versa…old people pushing each other in wheelchairs…obviously sick people…but there is also a feeling of hope here…whether this is their last chance to find their health again or knowing it is their last chance and they have done everything possible, it is a positive place.

Until next time….

not for sensitive eyes….or the easily offended…

ref my asian male…what a workout!!!  My upper body feels like I’ve worked out…He says the guy looked like Jacky Chan…he was a grinner and a laugher, very pleasant and very thankful for the opportunity to work on my back…and he doesn’t speak english….a couple of times he broke into humming while he was working on me…isn’t that like a perfect man.

And my other perfect man story….we were down having continental breakfast this morning and he dropped his bagle but was able to catch it before it hit the floor.  He caught it against the counter in his frontal hip area… I told him I was impressed but could have been more impressed if you know what I mean.  You know what I mean…like the donut joke from the 80’s..

Just my mood this morning..giggle giggle….

The first day at Mayo

His first test wasn’t at 0700 this morning as he first told me….0645…we went to bed last night early from pure exhaustion and were both awake by 0500.  Other than a fasting blood test, he had an EKG this morning and an MRI late morning.  I wanted to take my Land’s End coat back to Sears and get another pair of free spirit shoes (on sale or I never would have bought them) at Herbergers (Younkers)…while at Younkers, radiology called him on his cell and we had to go back for more MRI scanning…we hit an antique store, Michaels with my gift certificate and Huhot for supper…across from Huhot at the mall was a massage store – I did 30 minutes with an asian male with incredible fingers and hands.  I told Phil that I don’t ever remember my lower back being so loose…incredible.  I told him that I’ll probably need another session before we leave Rochester…

Tomorrow an endocrine test (which I think is just a blood test) at 0800…an appointment with the endo at 1430 and the surgeon at 1500.  Will let you know tomorrow what is going on…by the way, pets are accepted at this motel…I see no reason why I couldn’t have brought the 5 cats…they don’t bark!!

Until next time….