a happy place

Mayo Clinic – We have spent a lot of time up here…it is a happy place and it is a sad place but most of all, I would say it is a positive place.  The efficiency with which this huge facility operates is astounding…An older gentleman (who obviously hadn’t talked to anyone for awhile) walked up to us and said…you know I was wondering why this place doesn’t have a place to check your coat…then I thought about it – there would not be enough room… It is like a well-oiled machine…the staff and docs make you totally feel like they are glad you are here..they want to help you…they answer your questions before you ask them…you are always handed detailed instructions on what, where and when and the sinage around the entire facility is easily understood.

Yesterday in the elevator, I heard a man say that no one put a gun to his head and made him come here even though the weather is cold here in Minnesota…a woman said – yes..they saved his life – indicating her young son and an older guy standing right ahead of me said..ya…I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for this place.  One other thing…it is beautiful and clean..you don’t feel like you should be constantly washing your hands even though there is disinfectant everywhere.

Then there is the guy who talked to us in the waiting room.  His wife was trying to live with cancer…she had gone to her doctor in unnamed city because she was having some wierd reactions to her treatment and the doctor said…well, I can’t cure everything…he says up here..the oncologist said – well, I think we should check that out – there may be something we can do….

It is a sad place because you aren’t seeing folks with headcolds; you are seeing people with limbs missing, people with gray unhealthy skin, women wearing scarves to cover up baldness…you see old people…lots of old people…old men trying to help their old wives and vice versa…old people pushing each other in wheelchairs…obviously sick people…but there is also a feeling of hope here…whether this is their last chance to find their health again or knowing it is their last chance and they have done everything possible, it is a positive place.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “a happy place

  1. Glad things are humming along on a positive note.  Good to have a place like that to go where there’s Hope.  Hope helps lead to faith and faith leads to wellness – positive thoughts – that everything really can and will be okay.    Take care!


  2. I’m glad Mayo has gone so well for you two.My brother was once told by a local hospital that he had some horrid blood disorder.  He went to Mayo and they said nope, not so.  We have positive memories about Mayo, too.I hope he is doing well.  You, too!  love & hugs!


  3. Ya, Just wait until the new health care bill becomes law…You won’t be able to go there anymore…no insurance company or gov program will pay for it. Only the elite ( presidents, politicians, bankers, the rich) will be able to use it. In their efforts to make the rest of us equal, our government will put Mayo out of the reach of the common man. Be glad you are getting this done now.   


  4. It is too bad that all medical institutions are not modeled after that place – just imagine the good they could do if they were all like that!!!  I can’t imagine anything like around here…


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