Get me outta here

It has been nice visiting Rochester over the last year, but get me outta here…Like going home is going to be any better….at least I’ll have my critters and more than 1 room to move around in…  After a pain pill in the middle of the night, he says he is feeling pretty well this morning.  Right now he is pacing so I”m guessing he is feeling the same way that I feel.

Bob Cooper is going thru the same thing because Deb had her gallbladder taken out yesterday….he called last night and said she was doing pretty well.  She was eating chicken noodle soup..go figure..she’s a nurse.  He and I went out for bbq last night 🙂  I’m a doctor…that is for all of you who know the joke….anyway

That’s all I have to write about this morning…

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Get me outta here

  1. Did you come to the camera and see Brad?


  2. @tracy –  Thank you…I hope to get a little food to grow from you, Erin and MB this spring 🙂  do you think it’s a plan to meet somewhere?


  3. Good Morning Nina Benina!  I’m glad everyone is doing well this morning, including Deb! I think this spring is going to be your time.  You’re going to blossom.  You’ve had so much going on the last year or two that I think you should hibernate for the winter to get your strength back and then burst forth in spring to start the next stage of you life.  There is just something about you, people are drawn to you.  I wonder why.  Remember that first night I met you and we had dinner at the chineese restaurant?  I started telling you things I never talk about!  Something in you just says, it’s okay, you can trust me.LOL, how was that for a rambling off topic comment! 🙂  Too early in the morning for me to be witty.Drive safe!


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