It’s not that I don’t care…..

I was sitting around this morning watching Housewives of Orange County (I know…lame) that I had recorded the last two weeks and thought of something I felt strongly about so thought I should probably go blog..but didn’t…can’t remember now.  Watched Tim Hasselb-whatever on the View today…he and his arrogant wife traded shows…I’m sure she wasn’t any better on ESPN than he was on The View…I would like to see both of them just go away.

I had to go to the doc because my right knee is has been hurting since October while I was cleaning out Aunt Frances’ apartment.  Doc said..hmmm not good…He sent me for xrays, sent me home with some heavy duty ibuprofin with orders not to go up and down the steps unless I have to…then use my left leg and pretty much drag my right leg.  He’s pretty sure it is a ligamet/cartilage problem…will know more tomorrow..he said maybe a trip to the knee doc again..not necessarily for surgery but some kind of injection…oh ya…that sounds much better…

He and I went to Lowes to take “something” back and so I could find a kitchen faucet…the guy is going to come out tomorrow to cut a template for the granite…we also picked out tile for the bathrooms…we chose a 2 x 2 pieces of real stone in 12 x 12 slabs…It is very similar to what Jenny and Ryan (now Mike and Kim) have in their master bathroom…but with additional colors like rust etc.  I had some special order picked out which ended up being $30 a square…his eyes rolled back in his head, so I picked something else 🙂  Here’s a couple of pictures of the cupboards they finished installing today.  They are cherry – the color is honey spice.

New kitchen 2

New kitchen 1  


I’m not doing anything tonight….I’m going to sit around and watch tv and whine about my knee….

Until next time…and I’m going to try to make the next times closer together….


6 thoughts on “It’s not that I don’t care…..

  1. @Ghog – I’m sorry..I wasn’t thinking…being nice was never my strong suit. The cabinets are nice. I’m sure the tile and granite will be too. Maybe I should have went with the politics instead ;>))) Saw the Coopers yesterday. Edna was 95. She had lots of company. Both Bob and Deb seem to be taking control of their weight. They looked good. I keep getting bigger. You’d think I’d be done growing by now. Later..


  2. Oh Ugh on the View!  Hasslebacks are too mouthy for their own good.  Opinions are like Assholes.  Everyone’s got one but it doesn’t mean people wanna see it!     Nice cabinets!  Good to see you here again!    Hope your knee problem resolves! 


  3. Oh, now this is important. The color of the tiles. Does the granite match the cabinets? Will my bathroom be just oh so so? What’s on Oprah? Are you serious woman??? You have a husband and kids that love you and this is all you can write about??? Expand your focus. Look at the wonders that are in your life. Thank God for them and celebrate His favor. The things you have come from Him. I ain’t talkin ’bout the house. His health. Your health. A little knees pain is nothing. You are blessed. Remember that. It’s just a house Babe. Your God loves you. It’s obvious to me. Take a minute and give Him His due. I’m just sayin…. 


  4. Nice cabinets…. I hate the View…love the Housewives!


  5. Me too ref the Hassellb-whatevers :)That will be the oven…this is kind of his kitchen…he wanted a cook top and a separate oven…Coming home from Altoona today, I glanced at the Trainland USA sign along I80 and wondered if you guys had given it more thought????


  6. Haha!  It is nice to see you!The cabinets are absolutely beautiful! The opening next to the fridge opening – what will you put there?What a pain in the…knee!  That stinks! I hope that it is easily fixed.Can’t stand Elizabeth H.  I didn’t see her husband but I bet he is cut from the same cloth. I loved it when she was on maternity leave. I watched the show then. Not anymore.


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